Michelle Tea, radical dyke extraordinaire of SF goes wild, goes crazy, goes whatever.
Over-40 performance artist, cleaning lady, internet junky. What is she doing and why? You decide.
Prozac Highwaycover
Italian-Catholic dyke yells and screams at everyone. And you can kiss her big ass.
Lea's Book of Rules for the Worldcover
This is a lesbian classic, from one of the pioneer lesbian writers.
Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex Worldcover
David Sedaris . . . ok, he's not a lesbian, but a gay man. What do we care? He's the funniest queer we've ever read. Start with Barrel Fever.
Me Talk Pretty One Daycover
Barrel Fever : Stories and Essayscover
"Comic investigational" essays. What are those? They're quite unique, and some of the funniest stuff we've read. Gay man goes out into society and partcipates in events he wouldn't ordinarily, producing . . . something vaguely journalistic, yet still perverted and intentionally strange.
Municipal Bondage/One Man's...cover
"Everyone should read Close to the Knives to understand the overall political agenda behind suffering, whether that suffering occurs because of a dysfunctional family, religion, or government. Wojnarowicz explores all of his painful life experiences as a plea for all of us to become more compassionate and caring human beings. This isn't just David's story, it's our story, our nation's story." -- Karen Finley
Close to the Knives : A Memoir of...cover
In the Shadow of the American Dream :... cover
The very unusual tale of a homeless gay man. One of the most interesting things we've read. Good storytelling, perceptive observations, and his ultimate triumph.
Travels With Lizbethcover
Virginia Woolf, if you haven't heard of her, you should already. One of the first major works about society, art, and sexism, explores the need for women to have their own space.
A Room of One's Owncover
Kate Millett. A famous feminist writer's account of her obsessive love relationship with a difficult woman.
Account of the stand-up comedienne's rise and fall from TV fame, then finding her personal acceptance in her "goddess inside her." Funny as hell, not for the easily offended.
I'm the One That I Wantcover
Queer humorist capturing the ups and downs of gay life. At times moving, always honest, often hilarious.
Alec Baldwin Doesn't Love Me and Other...cover