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Being involved with a married woman.. does it fit here?

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Hey gals,

When it says 'negotiating relationships' can we count being involved with a married woman? And can we ask how do we cope when being involved in a relationship with one?



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Sure, that definitely fits.

You might want to be a little more specific, though. Married woman = cheating behind partner's back is a very different situation than married woman = open and poly. Whether or not the partnership was legalized is probably less interesting than the above details.

Also, while most readers will probably assume you mean married to a man, we have subscribers from all over the world. There are now a FEW enlightened locales where same sex marriage is now legal. So depending on where the readers are from and what they know about where you're from, it's not NECESSARILY a given.

And here's hoping the rest of the world catches up in our lifetimes . . .


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Ahh there we go okay lol. Yes ill make this clearer then.. thank you Webmiss :)
Being involved with a married woman who is married to a fella and has a very open marriage as he has partners himself lol.
How does one cope with the ups and downs of it all?


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I got involved with a married woman before who is 18 years older than me. But i have realized it isnt just good to ruin her life with her good husband who happens be to a good friend of mine.

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