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Some have suggested that this board's size could be daunting for a newbie, so we should have a "recommendation" section. Something up top to point new members to interesting topics . . . hopefully help more get interested in talking about something past their own personal intro.

We still say browsing the topics and exploring the various parts of the board are your best bets to find other members and/or discussions that interest YOU specifically, because we can't devise any list that's all about YOU personally.

But this post is our attempt to pave the way for those that may find the longer list of forums a bit intimidating.

All links are to discussions within this board that we recommend. WHY do we recommend them? It was merely our completely subjective, totally personal, and entirely un-scientific editorial decision that you might find them interesting, amusing, inspiring, and/or educational. And/or maybe a question we're still hoping somebody will answer. :)

While there are quite a few posts in "Member Introductions" and "BEST PLACES for Lesbians . . . " that inspired cool responses, we didn't include those. We were trying to go more general interest-y, not so geographically specific. So let's please have absolutely no one get offended that their own Member Introduction isn't linked here. :)

If you think something should be in here but isn't, please feel free to email us. Along those lines, we do intend to update this list periodically, and encourage you to visit again at some point.

Disclaimer: Yup, some of the stuff in here is stuff we started. Hey, if we didn't think it was an interesting topic, we probably wouldn't have started it in the first place now, would we? (big grin, then shrug. also, see "WHY do we recommend them?" above) However, nope, not all topics we've started are in here.

Another Disclaimer: Currently, topics recommended below are in no particular order, alphabetical, order of importance, subject matter, most recommended, NOTHING, no order whatsoever. We may change that in the future.


I only want to meet other women that are REAL! (go)

RANT: Upstairs Neighbors Driving Me Bonkers!!! (go)

What = Attractive? (go)

Flirting? (go)

Flirting and getting over previous relationships (go)

The Break Up Album (go)

LBGTQ support groups (go

How do you start to talk with someone that you like? (go)

Twilight: Many are Passionate, Yet We Remain Befuddled. (go)

Gossiping: Do Lesbians Need to STFU More Than Most? (go)

What Is Cheating Looking Like, These Days? (go)

Your Current Thoughts on Romance? (go)

Eating Right: What Does it Mean for YOU? (go)

Serious flirtation? (go)

Flirt like a man or a woman? (go)

Ever had or seen a successful polyamorous relationship? (go)

The Time Has Come (gay marriage) (go)

Nature vs. Nurture (go)

Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs... (go)

Mannerisms (go)

Differences or definitions? (community labels) (go)

Tomboys! (go)

Personality or Looks? (go)

Femme Invisibility and Butch Marginality (go)

Lesbian or not? (go)

Lesbian Literature Anyone? (go)

Any Writers Out There? (go)

Genderfuck (go)

Transition b.s. (go)

Transition and orientation (go)

Coming out in the workplace (go)

Telling my mom (go)

Show Off Your Art- Tattoos (go)

Question about disabilities (go)

Height (go)

Body hair (go)

"Check-In" from the Fat or Size-Positive Lesbians (go)

Comparison for the bi ladies out there (body image) (go)

Serious Issue for all women (osteoporosis) (go)

Racism in the lesbian community (go)

Breaking up is hard to do (go)

Seeking a course of action...advice? (coming out while very young) (go)

Religion (go)

Mental Illnesses (go)

Lack of Conviction (go)

Racism within the GLBT community (go)

Older/younger relationships (go)

So, is this a lesbian thing or what?? (pets) (go)

Gay pets? (go)

How Important is the Father's Role to You? (go)

Members Only (must be a member who has posted in the Public Area to view)

Anyone Want To Talk A.a.? (or Any Other X.a.) (go)

Genderqueer Fashion? (go)

Genderqueer . . . Or Not . . . Or How Much? (go)

Does One's Lovelife End With A Disability? (go)

Cocktail Peeps: What's Your Favorite? (go)

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