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Cat Vs. Dog And Why?

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Thea Louise

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I wanna know! What do you think? Is it a typical thing for lesbians to have dogs? Or are cats hitting it of?

I myself prefer dogs, always have :)


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well, i have been adopted by the last handful of feline americans. i guess it depends on the animal in question.


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I love dogs. I like being able to walk with them and take them out to dog parks.


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my earliest childhood memory is giving an orange tabby kitten milk in an aluminum pie tin. since then, there have always been felines in my life. most of them orange tabbies. the last pawful of felines came to me rather than me searching for them. they found me and i guess that i am a tolerable servant for them. my canines also come to me, so i do not know about my preferences, only that the right ones seek me out


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I'm a dog person more, but like cats too. Seems like most lesbians love cats more!

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