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Salut From Cali

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Hihi there eveyone! My name is Alexis, I go by lexie with some people. I don't really know were to start; I guess i forgot what it is like to talk to people. Essentially iv been hiding in a garage for the past 4 years with my best friend, who became my boyfriend and now is nothing to me because he lacks the crucial ability to change. *Sigh* Its ok i harbor him no ill will *in general* but i have really lost my knack for social interactions, so please bear with me. I guess im just a being who kinda lost my own perspective and objective goals along the way of my evolution. I am seeking members of my tribe because i need to find beings who have a similar vibe. (sorry for the cheesy rhyme couplet) Anyway I wish i could come up with the most amazing thing anyone has ever read, but despite my moderately impressive vocabulary, I no longer have the desire or will to "sell myself ". (Yes this is a problem for job interviews) Well anyway I hope to meet allot of Fantastic Women and Ladies on this site.
Thank you for taking the time to read this salutation

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Hi lexie! It seems like you have has an interesting journey up to this point! I hope things have smoothed out for you!

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