Now, please consider this, we are NOT recommending any damn thing here we could get our hands on . . . anything we could muster up that would relate to lesbians, lesbian/bisexual life, lesbian sex, anything at all sexual involving women (although there is much here that is sexy as hell). We are uniquely ONLY RECOMMENDING those titles that we ourselves have actually read, and think are outstanding in some important way. Outstanding fiction, outstanding erotica, outstanding exploration or information, outstanding comix, outstanding stories from outstanding queer lives. Basically, we think these books we're recommending are SO DAMN GOOD that if you don't find something to love in them . . . well . . . perhaps you need to check your pulse.

The titles that you will see if you click on the links to the right are linked to A very reliable service, if you order from them you'll get your books cheaper than at a local chain, and very quickly, we know them well. And, if you click on something via this website then make a purchase over there, we'll get A VERY TEENY TINY COMMISSION! Like, 15 cents or something. But really, it would help out. Our personal goal is to make Lesbotronic a HUGE and IMPORTANT and FREE way for intelligent women to meet other intelligent women, and keep the thing free. But we do have website costs, and it would be nice if those were covered. Please, click on these links, buy something, send us that 15 cents! Read something, keep your brains in motion, throw us a bone.

More on the book thing . . . if you would like to recommend a book that you don't see here, we're open to hearing about it. Contact us via the contact form accessible from the index page:

with your thoughts, and we'll be happy to consider. Actually, we'll be more than happy, we LOVE to hear about new books. However, while we are more than happy to consider, we won't list the title you recommend until at least one of us has read it and loved it. So it won't appear on our list right away, if at all, meaning . . . if we don't love it, it will never appear. But if we DO love it, it will! Thanks for understanding!

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