Erika Lopez. What can we say? She is our Goddess. The ultimate sea-to-shining-sea all-girl adventure, from the one that will ride her motorcycle over your ass. Start with Flaming Iguanas.
Hoochie Mama : The Other White Meatcover
Flaming Iguanas : An Illustrated...cover
Lap Dancing for Mommy : Tender Stories...cover
They Call Me Mad Dog! : A Story for...cover
Alison Bechdel. The comic, "Dykes to Watch Out For" is a national syndicated lesbian hit. If you don't know what we're talking about, or are already a big fan, get one of her books already.
Dykes to Watch Out forcover
Dykes to Watch Out for : The Sequel :...cover
Jennifer Camper. Fabulous raucous dykes rule the world, and don't give a shit if you like it or not. Read about it.
Rude Girls and Dangerous Women
Leanne Franson. She's the self-described "bi-dyke" fumbling around through everything. You'll wish she was your friend.
Teaching Through Traumacover
Assume Nothing: Evolution of a Bi-dyke...cover
Ariel Schrag. If you ever thought you might like to hear about a teenage dyke's progression through high school in a poignant yet funny comic, please get her work.
Diane DiMassa. We so love her we couldn't come up with a review that couldn't stop screaming in all caps. So, we borrowed one from Amazon, "Can't get enough man-slashing, het-hating action? Check out this dangerous volume, which brings together two earlier collections of the adventures of Diane DiMassa's popular independent comic. Join coffee-addicted lesbian terrorist Hothead Paisan on her restful vacation in Provincetown, and learn how she deals with gawking straight couples. Watch her surgical assault on scary male doctors. Admire her preventive treatment of rapists. Hothead Paisan goes where the rest of us only dream of going: "Sentenced to life in a rich white banker's scrotal sack," she takes revenge on the gapers and gropers of the city streets, offering her potent "Blow-You-Away Job" in the form of grenade, gun, and Lysol attacks. But she has a softer side, too, as shown in her devotion to her cat, Chicken, and her wise old grandmother. Not for the faint of heart or the satire-challenged. --Regina Marler "

Yeah . . . OKAY! I guess that kinda does her justice. Except "admire her preventive treatment of rapists"????? Ha ha. If you're interested in how rapists might be VIOLENTLY "prevented," don't miss Diane.

Complete Hothead Paisancover
A fantastic compilation . . .
Dyke Strippers : Lesbian Cartoonists...
Samuel Delany, a noted academic queer theorist and writer, joins with an artist to depict a tale of finding love with a homeless man in NYC. This will pretty much break through your taboos, if you're interested in having them broken.
Bread & Wine : An Erotic Tale of New Yorkcover
Work of Terry Moore, while a guy, is well known for writing this graphic novel about the lengthy relationship between two young women, a relationship that many describe as lesbian. So far, it's a little ambiguous (even though one of the women is gay), but perhaps you should be the judge.
Strangers In Paradise: Immortal Enemiescover
Strangers In Paradise: It's A Good Lifecover
Strangers In Paradise: High School!cover
Strangers In Paradise: Love Me Tendercover
Neil Gaiman. Anyone into comix knows this name already, but he's done some stuff about a goth woman that some lesbians can't get enough of, for good reason. Her name is "Death."
Death : The High Cost of Livingcover
Death : The Time of Your Life (Death)cover
Ever heard of Roberta Gregory, or "Bitchy Bitch?" Well, Bitchy Bitch had a run-in with Bitchy Butch. Don't expect political correctness here, but it is funny.
Bitchy Butch (World's Angriest Dyke)
Howard Cruse, a historical writer, deals with homophobia, racism, coming to terms with own's sexuality, and the gay subculture across time. Very poignant.
Wendel All Togethercover
Stuck Rubber Baby
Phoebe Gloeckner's autobiographical accounts of a teenage girl's loss of innocence through sex, drugs, rape, and AIDS. I guess for some such a description might make one not want to read it, but her narrative and drawings make you experience something a bit unforgettable.
A Child's Life and Other Storiescover
Ellen Forney, a contemporary bisexual cartoonist, focuses on her childhood in this collection. Many tidbits from the 70's that should appeal to anyone growing up in that era, or anyone interested in reading about it from the reminscent perspective of a child.
Monkey Food : The Complete 'I Was Seven..cover