Del LaGrace Volcano challenges what we think we know about gender. Some superb photographs for fans and newcomers alike, interviews, a good introduction to drag kings.
The Drag King Bookcover
A somewhat academic exploration of gender construction and culture. Argues that masculinity as a concept need not be about the male body. What does that mean? Read it and see.
Female Masculinity.cover
Kate Bornstein, a transgendered woman, and describes many of her own personal experiences re: her gender change. She says gender is a cultural rather than strictly physical phenomenon. Provocative, informative, funny.
Gender Outlaw : On Men, Women, and the...cover
My Gender Workbook : How to Become a...cover
Accounts from 4 different authors, all Canadian members of the performance troupe, "Taste This" evade customs, tour America, forget their underwear, have affairs, and share their childhoods. Powerful photographs illustrate the book, and you won't forget some of these stories.
Boys Like Her : Transfictionscover
Leslie Feinburg's autobiographical tale of a butch lesbian growing up in a blue collar town, and struggling with her sexuality in some extremely repressive environments. Her character ultimately ends up struggling with the restrictive rules of the lesbian world she finds, and well as trying to avoid violence with everyone else. Powerful and intense.
Stone Butch Bluescover
Trans Liberation : Beyond Pink or Bluecover
Fifteen years of a celebrated sex radical's essays on lesbians, pornography, repression and radical sex. She's controversial and challenging, but ultimately an unapologetic queer. Not for the faint of heart or anyone unwilling to be challenged.
Public Sex : The Culture of Radical Sex.cover
More from the glorious Pat/Patrick Califia.
Sex Changes : The Politics of... lcover