Cool Links Recommends

Adia's Place - "Resource links to womyn's issues and interests. News, music, festivals, health, special features and greeting cards."

Bitch Magazine - "Feminist Response to Pop Culture is a quarterly magazine devoted to incisive commentary on our media-driven world: Allison Anders-Princess Superstar-Margaret Cho-reluctant groupies-from lesbian to hasbian-tupperware-fat suits-Barbara Ehrenreich and more."

Blithe House Quarterly - "a diversity of new short stories by emerging and established lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered authors."

Dead Batteries - "turn on...funky batteries for vibes - it's what's inside that counts"

Fatale Media - Online Lesbian Video Store - "Explicit, authentic, sexy lesbian videos made by and for lesbians."

Girlphoria - "A multi-media online magazine geared toward the exploration of female sexuality. Girlphoria provides an open forum, presenting voices and visions from all schools of thought."

Irregular Times - "One of the original aggressively progressive ezines, with a strong voice for equality for all Americans, because when love is a crime, the whole body of American conscience must act." - "This is a non-commercial women-only community space with free membership, run by leatherdykes, for leatherdykes. Everything about this site, right down to the webhosting company that hosts it, is owned by leatherdykes, and is done on a volunteer basis by BDSM-loving lesbians for other kinky women-loving-women."

Libido - "All embracing and gender equal, the Journal of Sex and Sensibility online offers for free the contents of the award-winning magazine as well as a shop of original and hand-selected videos and free back issues." - 100% free roommate search. 100% free roommate ads, find a roommate for free. Our roommate forum is a "free for all" roommate finder.

Roomie Match Roommates - Legitimate roommates - find a roommate without SCAMS, SPAMS, or SCUMS - we take out the trash for you. Exclusively human-moderated roommate service. Avoid the horde of total nitwits! Free roommate search and cheap roommate search options, personalized roommate matching.

Soulgasm - An eclectic collection of sites catering to erotica for adults, including bsdm, sexuality, fetish photography, erotic artists, inspired poets, steamy erotic stories, spirituality, and travel.

LESBIAN FILMS @TLA – New and best-selling lesbian DVD’s here. Great site.

Tristan Taormino's Pucker - "Your ultimate source for smart, luscious, libidinous propaganda and paraphernalia" plus information on her personal work.

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