Pat Califia, celebrated sex radical, explores the emotional "how-to's" of SM, the politics of alternative sex in society, and manages to be both a brilliant genius and slut all wrapped up in one genderqueer prolific author. You must read these books.
Sensuous Magic : A Guide for Adventurous...cover
Public Sex : The Culture of Radical Sexcover
Book based on Eve Ensler's award-winning one-woman play. People responded with horror and anger, also wonder and pleasure. Hundreds of women are interviewed about their vaginas. The ultimate meditation on "down there."
The Vagina Monologues : The V-Day Editioncover
Ah, the infamous "chick for a day," "dick for a day." Ever wondered? These authors certainly did.
Chick for a Day : What Would You Do If...cover
Dick for a Day : What Would You Do If...cover
These are really recommended only for beginners, because it's unlikely more seasoned SM explorers will find anything new or different here. However, it's still a great commonsensical guide for newcomers.
Come Hither : A Commonsense Guide to...cover
Different Loving : The World of Sexual...cover
Many call this a groundbreaking book that changed their lives. Not erotica, but a sensible exploration of the possibilities and repercussions of the options beyond lifetime monogamy.
The Ethical Slut : A Guide to Infinite...cover
This sexy and very lovable (we think!) porn star presents an illustrated history of her career spanning more than 2 decades. She's a playful, uninhibited, sexual pioneer.
Annie Sprinkle : Post-Porn Modernistcover
Writers associated with Good Vibrations, the feminist woman-owned sex toy store in San Francisco, share instruction and tips on all manner of sex practices. Candid, upbeat, and very female positive. These books are not groundbreaking, shocking, or prone to explore radical territory in any way, but if some of these books were read by more Americans we'd all be more sex-positive.
The New Good Vibrations Guide to Sexcover
The Good Vibrations Guide : The G-Spotcover
Good Vibrations : The New Complete Guide...cover
The Good Vibrations Guide : Adult Videoscover
One reviewer said, "If the title of this book sounds obscene to you, you're on the right track." Not for the squeamish, but unabashedly explores those things some of us dare to consider.
Topping from Belowcover
Kinky and need to "come out" to someone? Reading this will probably help. Non-threatening discussion of the more common kinks, and some good discussion on how to keep that play safe, sane, and consensual.
When Someone You Love Is Kinkycover
A concise guide on techniques and settings in which to train a slave. Not for the beginner, but a pragmatic and thought-provoking guide for the connoisseur of SM material.
Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training... cover
This book stresses the difficulty (for many) of living in a monosexual society (hetero or gay), with no room in between. Many stories from a diverse group of "bi" individuals, demonstrating and celebrating the diversity of the bisexual community.
Bi Any Other Name : Bisexual People... cover
Now that society has become (at least somewhat) accustomed to the reality of gay men and lesbians . . . are these the only categories we want?? Do they do justice to the complexity of human sexuality? These authors think not, and these sometimes touching, sometimes hysterically funny essays from a diverse group of authors will show you why.
Pomosexuals : Challenging Assumptions...cover
From the basics to the not-so-basic, this sexy guide is a good read for anyone interested in SM. An excellent reference guide with a wide variety of tips and techniques.
Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns :...cover
This book has been described as empowering, beautiful, powerful, shocking . . . and that's just a few. A book to read if you want to explore new reasons why you should be proud to be a woman. The word "cunt" has been a source of fear for many, she reclaims it.
Cunt : A Declaration of Independencecover
This author offers a 14-step program for outing yourself (or coming out) that he views as a life-affirming but ultimately renewing process. Difficult and emotional, never-ending, but in the words of the author, "The stress of coming out will never be as hard on you as the stress of staying in was."
Outing Yourself : How to Come Out As...cover
Deconstructs what is for some a taboo subject, offering excellent advice along the way.
The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Womencover