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  2. (South Dakota) New To This

    Hi Courtney320, I have been on this site off and on for awhile. I am trying to chat about something on here and that seems to help. Hope you have a nice day.
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  4. Hi there. Out, mostly lesbian from Tallahassee FL. I'm coming back to this sure after some time and honestly have no idea how to use it lol. I know there's probably not anyone else here from my area, so I'm down to meet folks from all over FL and nearby.
  5. New from Florida :) [Tallahassee]

    I'm from Tallahassee as well! Yeah the dating scene is awful. I lived in Jacksonville for a few years, and everything about it, including the LGBT community is calling me back.
  6. What Are Your Celebrity Crushes?

    I could listen to Sofia speak all day! Lol Love her voice ♥️
  7. What Are Your Celebrity Crushes?

    Marisa hargitay, Sofia Vergara, Miranda Lambert, Selma Hayek, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon....
  8. (South Dakota) New To This

    Help! Ugh I cant get used to this site. I guess I just have to be on it more. It's a lot of reading and I love to read. I dont have time to read every little thing though eh.
  9. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    I put it on my watch list!
  10. Stella Blomkvist

    I have never heard of it, but might try to find it somewhere to check it out. I certainly like "a sexy, hard-nosed and quick-witted lawyer with a dark past, fluid sexuality and a taste for whiskey and easy money." :D
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  12. Probably everyone has a different interpretation. Best to ask individuals. For me, a soft butch may be someone who likes feminine women, but is not overly masculine herself, either in appearance or in character. I never heard of a soft femme before, so can't comment on that. I guess it's whatever turns you on.
  13. I have nothing interesting to add to this pg at the moment, but I like it. I'll just add this for now.
  14. I'm still trying to discover and identify with my sexuality from years of suppressing. I always knew I liked being intimate with women more than men. My first sexual experience was with a female at a very young age. I experienced mena decade later and it wasn't by desire. Because I finally came out to my family after 40 years, i'm now learning to be free with it. MY sexuality is starting to change now although I am confused on how to identify myself so I don't and won't yet. I came out to my children first. Because we have an open door relationship it wasn't hard and they were very accepting. I came out to my sister and best friend by way of phone conversation and my mom was via text message. The comfort from that is the whole time I thought I was hiding it I wasn't. They all knew, they just waited for me to come to myself. So now, after all the work i put in trying to hide who I am from myself, I'm like a new student in class...
  15. Hello I'm new, please help lol (Houston)

    I'm new to this site as well. I am also looking for more lesbian friends and perhapsmore. I've lived in Houston pretty much all my life but I am not really into the club or bar scene. I am learning my way around the site so, please, if you have any advice to help me out feel free to speak up. I live in the The Woodlands/Spring/Klien/North Houston area. I am a very active person and work from home so I get to set most of my hours. Not sure what else to put so I will end here for now. Hope to hear from some of y'all soon.
  16. I'm glad someone mentioned Jackson Galaxy, that was precisely what I was gonna say. The horse pellets I bought we're from a Tractor Supply Company and cost $5.99/50lb. bag. I use that same litter box but the sawdust drops into a larger litter pan below as you can see in a video on YouTube...
  17. If one follows Jackson Galaxy, you will remember that covered and hidden cat boxes raise anxiety in cats. We have recently kept our kittiy's box just behind a chair in the dining room. We use horse bedding pellets (kiln dried pine, not harmful to pets,) in aTidy Cats Breeze Hooded Cat Litter Box System. There is no smell and the mild pine scent is lovely. If anyone would prefer a covered box, please use a clear storage bin so the cat may see all around as he uses the box.
  18. Favorite Dishes: The Cooking Thread

    Now, for a little something different for dessert: mascarpone-stuffed apricots! I took plump dried apricots, halved them, and stuffed them with mascarpone cheese. Then I rolled them in chopped pistachios and finished them with a drizzle of sorghum and a sprinkle of flaked sea salt. These are just too good! I ate them all and am having to restrain myself from making more....luckily there's always tomorrow! :) Plus, I have a great new dish to serve at my next dinner party!
  19. President Donald Trump?

    POTUS has threatened to close the border with Mexico b/c he claims we don't have enough room in this country for all the refugees seeking asylum. I wish to point out that this country is so large that we actually have TWO of several states (Carolina, Dakota, and Virginia). So I beg to differ, Mr. President! Here's what I propose: let them all try living in OKLAHOMA temporarily....if they still wish to remain in the U.S. after THAT experience, I say that they are resourceful and tenacious enough to be granted citizenship! ;)
  20. Where are the older wiser women?

    I'm starting to feel quite the elder in my community. I'm going to be 58 in May, so I suppose I am. I'm active in an alphabet of progressive organizations here in SWVA-VA Organizing, Washington County Independent Neighbors, Friends Of The Library, and now have asked to be on the Board of the oldest of the progressive org in SWVA- the Appalachian Peace Education Center. (But I bet I'm probably the only one with a shaved head and little blue specs who wears Docs, distressed jeans, and listens to Chinese hip-hop!) ;)
  21. So just thought I'd update, I'm still using the pine and cedar litters, but I changed the box to a large Rubbermaid bin because she also used to have a habit of kicking litter everywhere. Someone who has multiple cats suggested that. The tall sides of the bin stop that habit in its tracks (lol).
  22. Anyone wanna share the mistake they made in that first time asking a woman out? Maybe you thought it'd be like asking a guy? Or accidentally asked a straight girl? My very first time asking a girl out was in high school. I wrote her a cute poem, confirmed with her friends that she was bi, and dropped the poem on her desk... Turns out she hated poems. Now I look back and laugh but back then I was so confused. How can someone hate a whole form of writing? Anyone here hate poems? (Or some other form or writing?)
  23. I currently have rabbits and a cat that all get along suprisingly well! I'm just curious if anyone else has some odd pet friends!
  24. After reading all of the comments, I realized that I’ve never truly felt that way about any of my relationships, though all my relationships to this point have been with men. What I do know is when I see an elderly couple holding hands and laughing, I feel a mixture of emotions. Happiness, love, optimism but also jealousy because I don’t feel I’ll ever find that kind of love.
  25. Columbus, GA

    Brand new! Looking for women in my area
  26. (Alabama) Just wanted to say hi

    Where in Alabama?
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