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  2. I want to be able to connect with a woman emotionally and intellectually. Just be able to talk to one another, be open and feel comfortable. Make-up or natural make-up isn't a big deal for me. As long as she's a good person and has a good heart. Someone I can trust, love and make me happy. It's the littlest things that matter when it comes to love.
  3. No, I don't think it's usual at all. There was a much older woman who I was attracted to also. I won't tell her this because she's married and respect her. This is a very common thing and happens a lot between woman. I've felt the same way anytime I'm around any woman I like or have interest in. I will get very shy and stammer over my words. It will be up to you if you'd like to tell her not. Just don't rush anything. :) And I understand feelings being strong, I'm exactly the same way, haha.
  4. Anybody like horror movies?

    Yes! I'm a huge fan of horror movies. I collect my favorite horror movies on Blu Ray mostly and Horror Merch. My favorite kind of horror movies are 80s horror. I love the old horror movies over new ones. One of my favorite horror movies is Nightmare On Elm Street and Phantasm, but I enjoy many other ones too. I also like found footage and paranormal horror. :)
  5. Hello! Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time on here. I'm pretty new here myself. You're more than welcome to talk to me anytime. -Samantha
  6. Everyone gossips these days. It's not good to just point the finger at one particual person. We're all guilty of it or have done it in the past. I've learned from it when I was younger and know that it can lead to bigger things and many issues. I don't like participating in gossip and talking about other people, I rather be honest, than talk about people behind their back.
  7. New Lesbian Bookworm Forum

    French Kissing by Harper Bliss! Talk about drama, lmao
  8. Any Writers Out There???

    I've written four books and self-published on Smashwords. All are lesbian drama/romance because I grew up without Any kind of lesbian literature. I may be telling my age, but it's true and it is a kind of therapy for me now
  9. Writer's Block Aaaaaugh

    I put it down for a while. I always come back to it, but I have 3 books in the works now, so I always have something (different storylines) to write about
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  11. I, too, live in a small town and agree it's difficult to meet like-minded people. That's why I got on to this site. Good wishes to all of us.
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  13. i love irony, so i hope this reads with the spirit with which it's written. Your sister is right, in part. Sexuality isn't about who you've dated. i was a little gay child, and i'm so moved and relieved to see gay and bisexual kids (who have never slept with or dated anyone at all or, at least, no one of the same gender) coming out now, which would have been an invitation for scandal and violence when i was a kid. And they aren't wrong to come out just because they haven't had same sex relationships yet. Your sexual orientation is innate in you. If you're a woman attracted exclusively to men, you're straight. If you're a woman attracted exclusively to women, you're gay/lesbian. If you're a woman attracted to both genders, you're bisexual. While your sister chooses to be with men exclusively - a choice only bisexuals have - yoursister seems to fit the latter. And so might you, depending upon whetherthe dudes you dated here and there were just beards or failed attempts at traditionalism because you are in no way attracted to menor if you dated them because you honestly found them attractive but prefer to be with women (which, again, is not a choice that gay and lesbian people have). You can't be 85% gay/lesbian. That's not what it means to be gay or lesbian. Homosexual women are not bisexual; that's what makes us homosexual. That's the distinction the multitude of terms are making. If it were all describing the same thing, there wouldn't be a need for multiple terms. I understand chaffing at people who aren't living your experience appropriating terms for your experience; but, in this case, it may be a learned behavior. Unless, i've misread you.
  14. What Are Your "deal Breakers"

    My deal breakers : - being allergic to animals - I don't want to choose between my pets and a lover. - having no interest or aptitude for creative and intellectual pursuits. It may sound rude, but there are already enough areas of my public life where I have to squelch these interests. - mindless cruelty, fundamenalism, rudeness. - smoking, recreational drug use or dependence (I'd probably be OK with therapeutic use of psychedelics). - overly needy, clingy smothering behavior or jealously.
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  16. I like my labels, it enables me to be able to describe myself to somebody in less words, and have them get what I mean faster. without the label I'd instead have to give an explanation for things like me not wanting to be called a girl.and use of certain labels can be political in nature as well! a world without labels would have to be a world without the systemic oppression of minorities, and that's simply not the case rn.
  17. We did! Well, I did. For two reasons, I guess. First, I loved how we saw all the sides of Anne Lister—the 'steampunk goth assassin' (as described in a review) taking the reins of a stagecoach when the driver was injured and no one else would do it, and the heartbroken woman sitting in the sun in her underwear, wringing her hands as she begged her lover to commit. Anne was all over the map—charming, brave, smart, determined, silly, anxious, petty, despairing, jealous—a real person, with real feelings. She didn't have to be a 'strong woman', or a role model. And second, maybe more subtle, I was impressed by the fact that every male characterwas implicitly classified as 'trustworthy' or 'not trustworthy'--to me, a very woman-centric way of revealing character. We saw right away whether they respected Anne's personal space, spoke with her as an equal, and as an actual person, listened to her ideas or instructions...or not. Not necessarily 'good guys' or 'bad guys'--granted most of the 'good guys' were trustworthy and most of the 'bad guys' weren't, but that's not precisely what was being communicated. Think of Joe Biden's wagging finger inches from a woman's nose—we may feel like we should classify him as a 'good guy', but that body language pretty clearly communicates something else. The one thing I couldn't get over was Anne's accent—I swear no one in West Yorkshire has ever talked like that. I haven't found anything online that explains why they decided to go with that accent for Anne. It seems typical to give the 'upper class' characters in period TV shows some kind of variation of RP, and the 'lower class' characters some broad regional accent, but I personally am not convinced that this is real—I wish I knew an expert who knew about this.
  18. Stella Blomkvist

    I'm going to Iceland (for the first time) next month, so will check this out :)
  19. Iam 76. I have been closeted all my life. it was the safe thing to do, but now I want to meet someone. Have tried online dating sites but a lot of scams & how doyouknow anyone is tellingthe truth.A woman was coming down to GA to visit her sister. Was going onto call on 6/5th or after.Heard no word.. Do not want stupid games but someone sincere and honest.
  20. Guilty as charged :) I guess what I meant, when I usedthe word 'real' in my profile, is maybe more like 'aware'. Alot of us spend so much time in our constructed/fantasy worlds (maybe some more than others--I mean, yes, I had to get up at the crack of dawn last month to watchthe final episode of GoT before anyone started talking about it online); by 'real' I meant 'someone who is aware of what's actually going on in the world around us, as opposed to what the media tend to focus on', e.g. rising inequality, climate change and extinctions, erosion of abortion rights in the US, and all that other wonderful stuff--not necessarily someone who obsesses about these things, but someone who knows, cares and acknowledges, and hopefully at least attempts to do something to improve the situation around her. So to answer your specific questions, from my point of view: Can someone who is not "REAL" get that way later? What exactly would that entail? Yes. Spending time reading books, following the actual news, talking to people. Changing your media consumption habits. Thinking about whomever you imagine to NOT be "REAL" . . . would they agree with you? Maybe? I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of people who are perfectly self-aware and happy to acknowledge they care more about, say, the royal baby than the decline in insect populations. Would anyone that is NOT "REAL" agree that that is so? Or does every human on the planet imagine themselves to be "REAL?" Again maybe--I can certainly acknowledge that reading about current crop failures is 'real' news, and reading the latest dissection of Westerosi politics is not 'real' news, and that I do both. So maybe we have various levels of 'realness'. And one thing I haven't mentioned yet is that at least to me'real' also includes what is happening to the actual people we know and care about (as compared to people we don't know and never will, or people who don't even exist) and pretty much all of us do that.
  21. I'm new and wanted to say "Hi" from Los Angeles, CA. I live in a major city, but it still is not easy to meet feminine, single, emotionally matureLesbians. Thought I might have some luck here. -Susan
  22. Do your fur babies get along?

    I have 5 cats, 8 rats and a Betta. They all get along really well!
  23. You all are so cute! I agree, Isha, the sight has improved a bit, as has the community in general. I hope you find some friends in the city of sisterly love.
  24. I lot of the time, folks are "just human" and it is really the cis, hetero, able, white folks (especially men) who sit around saying that anyone not like them is not good enough somehow. So, while it might seem divisive, the fact is that there is erasure and marginalization. Don't believe me? Just think back to all those movies and shows where two women living together called eachother "sisters." It was even an inside joke in the new Fantastic Beasts movie: they aren't really sisters. They're lesbians! These kinds of euphemisms were rampant, like if a teenage couple were "in trouble" it means they had unprotected sex and got pregnant. Honestly, you can say that all these words and identities are new, but the truth is that they were marginalized and erased from our culture for centuries by heteronormative sexologists. These same old white male perverts decided that lesbianism was a symptom of not getting a good man (translation: the D), or hating your father or some crap. Queer and nonbinary folks existed for all of human history, which is why Kabbalah recognizes at least five genders. There were people who resisted gay women classifying themselves as lesbians, because it seemed superfluous to them, except for all the gay women being left behind by the gay men. Once the gay men felt accepted and like their lives would be easier, they left the women and people of color out of their future agendas. When you say that there are too many new identities, it tells me that you might be scared of not knowing what to do, and being in an uncomfortable place. That's the same place a lot of everyone else has to be in: not knowing if what they do and are will be accepted by others. People ask me my sexuality, and I just say "demisexual" because they don't need to know whom I date. My being demisexual is more relevant than whether I like innies or outies.
  25. The Latin Lesbian Community

    Upon re-reading my initial post I want to clarify that even though someone might not realize that they are acting on certain prejudices, when those prejudices are ones that involve negative ideas and feelings about culture, race, and colorism, those prejudices are set in motion by systems of racism and hate. So there may be a lot of white people out there who don't believe they are racist, but in fact are acting from ingrained systemized racism. Raquelrain, my deepest sympathies to you. Judeo-Christian, misogynist dogma and brainwashing over centuries of time, is definitely the culprit.
  26. (Oregon) I'm new at this

    ladies hit me up
  27. (Oregon) I'm new at this

    Hey all I'm from Oregon, looking for some new friends but I'm not sure where to go or how to meet other women. Any help?
  28. Hi Francesonly, my sister will soon be 40 --in years, that is-- but I think she thinks she is still 20. (I suffer from the same affliction and I'm surprised when I look in the mirror and I am no longer 28 years old, but I digress.) We did talk about this again recently over lunch. She told me how she was very excited and empowered about having "come out as bisexual" to someone, so much so that she said she was ready to do it again. I nodded primly above my pad thai, not wantingto poo poo her excitement outright,but also just unable to not roll my eyes around inside my head. She knows that I feel her "bisexuality" is disingenuous. Soshe elaborated (or, perhaps has reframed this to something that makes a tiny bit more sense) thusly... She does feel attraction (romantic, sexual) to women. But she does not believe in casual relationships. When she envisions her future, she imagines that she would settle down with a man. Thus, now that she is dating and looking for something serious and long-term, she is only dating (dare, I say "interviewing") men as partners. I don't think she gets more attention for saying she's bisexual.I'm not entirely sure, but I think she does includethis in her dating profiles,but as a way to weed out any LGBTQ-phobes. (Commendable!?!) So, she's bi and only dates men, and likes to come out. I guess I'll see if she wants to go to Pride with me this year. :)
  29. I was already against different spellings of words like women to further stop women from being proud of their identity but since I’ve been learning a new language and have joined language communities, I’m even more against it due to the already complicated English language and how such things could confuse new language learners, I don’t know just weird to me. I also really don’t like the word Queer, it just irks me, I don’t mind if people want to use it for themselves but I am not a part of the queer community, I’d rather call it the gay community.
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