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  2. keltheimpossible

    Questioning Flutist from Selangor, Malaysia

    Hey. I'm nonbinary and AFAB. I'm 59 so have been there, done that. I'll be happy to answer any questions, if I can. Lesbotronic is prob one of the safest sites you could have found, in that the mods keep trolls AWAY and don't allow foolishness from scammers or other icky sorts. So you can poke around the forums without fear. PEople are kind here, by and large. You can use this site as an excellent learning tool, ask folks questions (including me), just look around if that's what you're more comfortable with, whatev. Take a deep breath, let it out, and then dive right in! The water is fine! Welcome! Kel
  3. keltheimpossible

    (Baltimore) Hello

    Hey there. Welcome! Lesbotronic can be a cool place to hang, meet some new folks, even the potential "one" if you are so inclined. The more info you give (in a safe way, of course), the more you get back, in terms of interaction. (I'm not a mod or an admin, btw. Just a user who appreciates this site!) I use it socially. Kel
  4. Dragon Lilly

    (Oklahoma) Hello I'm new

    Hello ladies I'm new and looks for somebody to talk to!
  5. keltheimpossible

    Stranded on an island

    Sorry, no. But I can understand. Rural SW Virginia here! Sometimes it gets...difficult. So just wanted to say hello. Even though I'm definitely NOT in your zipcode! Being LGBTQ A+ can be challenging. Just curious. How do YOU cope? I use music; books; YouTube/TikTok and thank the queer gods for the internet ALL THE TIME. Otherwise, I'd be done for!
  6. If you went just by the LOOK, you'd assume that practically EVERY woman in friggin' Oklahoma was an old-school BUTCH. Lol.....seriously. I went to stay with a friend there and asked her (facetiously) if she were living an undisclosed lesbian paradise. She snorted and said, "No, women here are just PRACTICAL. They'll hurt you if you assume they're gay. Found that out the hard way....." HA!
  7. For me, I needed a few years of life experience before I got in contact with my exes again. I have three who are facebook friends only we just keep tabs on each other really for curiosity's sake, one sends me music she thinks I'll like. One I lost to a motorcycle accident but we had rekindled our friendship also via facebook. The father of my children is a different beast however and we seem to be friends only if I am not dating anyone as he hopes I will die alone and miserable. We are cordial for the kids but the second someone else enters my life I get a shit-storm of judgement upon the new significant and myself. Lots of fun.
  8. I am 5’7 and 230lbs. I have a long torso so I do not look as big. My biggest issue is that I have no breasts. Almost all plus sized women have some boob and more often than not, huge tits! I just want my breasts to match the rest of my body. I hate bathing suits bc the breast is made so large for what fits my body. Having a bigger stomach with no breasts is just not appealing to me and I’ve barely seen anyone else look this way
  9. I hear your frustration. It's hard to know how to be sometimes. I struggle with gender roles in general and am kind of looking for someone who is mutually pursuing and welcoming pursuit. Best I guess to just open up to the folks that respond and see how you like them.
  10. keltheimpossible

    Favorite Dishes: The Cooking Thread

    Lately I've been so busy I can only cook 1 thing per day, if that. (When you do work for 3 different organizations, life gets hectic.) So today's thing was a gluten-free peach cobbler made with fresh peaches from the farmer's market. My first-ever cobbler! (I know. How can I have been raised in the South, lived most of my life in the South, and never before baked a cobbler?) It turned out pretty good, good enough so that my landlord did a happy dance when he got his bowlful , put a scoop of ice-cream on it, and ate it right then.
  11. keltheimpossible

    Any Writers Out There???

    Thanks for responding! Always good to hear how others, including Fox Mulder, cope with these things. (I was a fan back in the day. I don't remember this, though. Might be time to revisit that series. I definitely missed some of the best stuff....)
  12. Agent66

    Any Writers Out There???

    I can't speak to poets, but as a writer, I'll sometimes write something else. If that doesn't work, don't laugh, but I'll take the Fox Mulder approach. If you watched the X Files, Fox Mulder had a go to movie, Plan 9 from Outer Space, that he used whenever he had brain block on an investigation. One year, I decided I'd try it while in the midst of an extreme writer's block. The movie is on Amazon Prime and, at least when I bought it, was literally .99 cents. It's also one of, if not THE, worst movie ever made by man. It truly is horrible, which is sad because it's Bela Lugosi's last movie. However, because it's such a bad movie, I found my brain just couldn't comprehend and it checked out and started thinking about other things, which turned out to be an update on a story I was working on. I was able to go back to writing after that. I find that your brain needs a break and, for me at least, it means watching something so out of the norm (like Spongebob). That usually gives my brain a jump start.
  13. keltheimpossible

    Where are the older wiser women?

    Before I replied, I checked to see where you lived, just in case you resided in an area where the Board of Supervisors meeting functioned in some magical way. I failed to intervene because I HAD NO POWER HERE? In this setting, I was just there as an observer to make notes. I could later follow up with MY B.O.S. member (which I did) and advise others to do the same, but as one citizen of the town, and a non-property owner to boot, Iwas not seen as someone who really matters...AT THAT TIME. Except now I actually DO, b/c I'm on the BOARDS of different organizations that DO make a difference, so B.O.S. members perk up a bit when I write them a letter or give them a call or send them an email now. Here in small town U.S.A. it's all personal and power-driven. Who you know; what you rep; and sadly, where you go to to church. (I don't go, btw, but DO hang out with a number of priests, pastors, etc who DO. HA!
  14. parrkp

    Where are the older wiser women?

    ...just a question , why didnt you intervene?
  15. parrkp

    Where are the older wiser women?

    Definitly it probably would havebeen a different life for me if i would ve known i was gay earlier. But ,better late then never ( wink face) good luck with you,66 beautiful smile!
  16. ashleigh

    SO Tempting to Make a Furry Post here.....

    Most of the furries that i know are also kinky. Not as in furry being their kink, but rather kink in general. This probably means that i need to expand my attempts at socialising.
  17. keltheimpossible

    Any Writers Out There???

    I'm a poet. I've been published recently in the Jimson Weed (the journal put out by the UVA at Wise, VA). And I get LTEs (letters to the editor) published SO often by our local newspaper that I now have a relationship with the editor, who jokes they should just put me on staff already. Lol. And a blog, (eyeroll). I'm on IG which gets reposted remotely to FB and Twitter. My blog is on WP. My latest poetry series is entitled Masquerade Ball Macabre. I've done a few poem/art collabs with some local visual artists that were pretty cool. Q: For you poets and story-tellers out there. When you hit a dry spell, i.e. writer's block, what's YOUR means of starting to write again? I had one for a couple of weeks here. Finally I grabbed my thesauarus, opened it at random, and built a poem around the first word I saw. (It happened to be "desuetude," fyi.)
  18. keltheimpossible

    SO Tempting to Make a Furry Post here.....

    Understood. And what exactly is your question? I'm neither a furrie nor a member of the kink community in ANY way, btw. Just someone who uses the internet for the sake of satisfying my CURIOSITY. My particular ID happens to be ACE (asexual) and ARO (aromantic) and NB (nonbinary), so I'm uninterested in kink except as an oddity.
  19. ashleigh

    SO Tempting to Make a Furry Post here.....

    Flurries was me slurring my typing
  20. I have generalized anxiety disorder. It is controlled.It's been 6 months since the doctor stopped the medication. I have only maintained therapy. I have no problem talking about it, but I usually only bring it up when I start to deepen a conversation with someone.
  21. I'm romantic. I acted romantically for a long time. But due to the hurts of the past, and because I have an introverted personality, I became more closed. Inside, I long to live a beautiful romance again. But reality shows me that I need to protect myself so I don't suffer too much. I believe that it is fully possible to live a beautiful romance with someone, lightly, deeply, honestly and without major hurts. However, I do not believe in the institution of marriage (and all the patriarchal and female exploitation involved - so I don't want to go through a wedding again). I believe that it is fully possible to live a beautiful romance with someone without having to formally marry (stable union or eternal dating are enough, as long as both agree and try to keep the love alive). Another thing I think is that in some relationships with a lot of love and respect, at some point one or both parties may miss and have an interest in seeking other loves (but many do not externalize this interest, as we do not want to hurt). For these cases, if both people agree, non-monogamy and polyamory can be another way of living this romance. I believe that there can be romance, lasting love in every kind of relationship: an eternal courtship (without ever getting married), a marriage, a monogamous relationship, and a non-monogamous or polyamorous relationship. Love is beautiful and can be lived in many ways. Maybe one day I will live a beautiful romance again. Deep down I still have hope.
  22. Liahshe

    Settling for less

    I'm sorry for what you went through in that toxic relationship. Congratulations on your efforts to survive and get out of it. Thank you for sharing your story. I was always afraid of having a relationship like this, so I was always very attentive to the signs. But we always want to give the person a chance to get better. We always think that it is an occasional and isolated situation, that it will not happen again. I am very afraid of deluding myself, because I know I have this tendency, I was socialized like that - to always fight to maintain the relationship, to always take care of the other, forgive... Breaking out of this socialization is a long process, but I have been successful.
  23. I'm not friends with any ex. I only have contact with 2 ex. We speak very rarely. However, I believe it is totally possible to have a great friendship with an ex, depending on how the relationship was and how it ended. I would be friends with some ex, if they also wanted to maintain a friendship.
  24. Outdoorsey

    Stranded on an island

    I hardly ever see "family" where I am like I am stranded on an island. Anyone here in Florida within a 30 mile radius of 32168?
  25. AshleyJaybird

    Hey from NYC

    Future archivist, lover of books and all things paper media. I'm a big museum dork, and I miss being able to get out and wander considering the current state of things! Currently my time is occupied mostly by knitting, reading, and playing Animal Crossing. What are other people up to?
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