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  2. Francesonly

    Favorite Natural Scenic Locations (worldwide)

    V77vex - Tahoe looks lovely too. Waterton is a treat for mountain lovers, but can get very windy. I like it because, aside from all the natural beauty, it's not commercialized or crowded. I recommend visiting in June during the Wildflower festival.
  3. Lizabella

    New Relationship HELP!!

    So I recently started dating a woman who has been a friend for around 10 years. I have always had a BIG crush on her just never thought she was interested. Although I am bisexual and have slept with women before. This is the first woman I am dating and the first woman I have wanted to date. I love her as my friend so much and I was definitely seeing myself being with her long term. I was hoping this relationship would be the last relationship I was going to be in. We seemed like we wanted the same things in life. A quiet loving home with someone you can trust not to sleep around and who will always have your back, and were even talking about having more children. And now I just feel like boohooing and depressed all the time. I am not a cryer so that is something new for me as well. I am finding it SO hard to communicate with her, which normally if I were dating a guy I wouldn’t care because I am not the type to want to let men know so much about me. However with her I CARE a whole bunch and have been so open and honest to a fault. She is going through a shit ton right now and has had a really hard life. I am really trying to be supportive with the boat load of issues. But it’s getting hard for me to stay supportive and sympathetic. I feel like I am trying to give her everything every male partner had wanted from me being sweet, open, honest, loving, making her and her child (which I love also) a priority in my life and yet it seems to have just not affected her in a positive way. I mean don’t get me wrong there are times she gets really nasty with her mouth and I am absolutely not the one. I can be really hurtful if I want to be like any other woman so when she starts in and I have enough I give her a taste of her own medicine. But I don’t like it and I don’t want that in a relationship anymore. Any suggestions on HOW I can try and start an open and honest BUT non-combative conversation with her? Because when I try she either gets “tired” or shuts down or it turns into a big fight.
  4. Hello. Sadly, Ive suffered the same fate. Ive been actively dating women since high school and the only ones that seem to last are the ones that chose me. Its actually a very hard pill to swallow as I live within the d/s realm, am demi and am straight edge so the dating pool is sparse indeed in my case. Ive since become accustomed to allowing women to make the first move which isnt all that great because many tend to think that I am not interested, though if I charge head on then I risk picking a lemon and the seam coming apart before I even have time to get to know her or them me. A double edged sword if ever Ive experienced one. What to do, what to do. At any rate, thanks for the topic as it allows me to see that I am not alone when it comes to this issue. Be blessed. Othela
  5. Hello everyone. Might I say, what a topic. One that I thought was a fantasy of sorts. Something that could only happen to someone else but then just recently my heart opened so wide, so gloriously that I almost ran from it. Wanted to feel as though there were hidden cameras and at any moment someone would jump out and I would/could do nothing but fall to my knees in grave disbelief. But no, my heart sings a tune at their very sight. My mind explodes with joy in abundance at their smile and I literally melt when that smile bursts into laughter. I think immediately of that Paul Davis song, I Go Crazy. And I can do nothing but shake my head and smile. Ive lived for over a half of a century and just when I least expected it, I was thrown a curve ball. Strangely enough, I could go on and on but for the sake of repetition, I will end by saying, love is real and beautiful and is something we should embrace whenever permitted as now I truly understand the phase. It is better to have loved and lost then, to never have had love at all. Thank you kindly for the post and be blessed all. Othela
  6. keltheimpossible

    Location-Location-Location Relationships

    I have some virtual friends who I meet on a regular basis, have "known" for years, and consider part of my support network. In some ways they are closer than folks I know IRL casually. I welcome meeting new people in whatev venue. Interesting folks are interesting, wherever they are found, right? That being said, I would find it difficult attempting to pursue an LDR where I had to travel. You see, I'm one of those odd individuals WHO DON'T DRIVE. In my case, the reason is medical. And since I live in small rural town far from an airport, bus terminal, OR Amtrak, this means that my options for getting from point A to point B are limited indeed. (Rumor has it that we DO now have an Uber/Lyft driver here, but I haven't verified this.)
  7. ty for this resource ! I've had good luck with AllDayChemist personally in terms of ease of payment with bitcoin and like, price and shipping. The only really worthwhile things they offer for DIY transfeminine HRT are estradiol (valerate, not hemihydrate sadly) tablets, estradiol patches, and spiro and cypro as antiandrogenrs. Not the best selection. Have heard sketchy things about their non bitcoin payment processing methods too
  8. I don't see the need to come out to everyone I meet, either. Ofc, my family and closest friends know. My regular friends and I don't have conversations about relationships, so there's no reason for me to out myself. I will admit, I feel blessed to be a lesbian and I'm proud of it - I used to be very ashamed of my orientation because of my family's beliefs. But, I realized that being a lesbian, bisexual, or gay has no pivotal affect on someone's personality unless they let it. It's just a part of myself that I've accepted, and as a whole, I'm proud of who I am and how far I've come in my personal story.
  9. Fiona5

    Newbie from Massachusetts

    Hi, I’m also from MA. New here too. Still trying to figure out how this whole thing works. But your profile looks interesting to me
  10. Fiona5

    Lonely lady from MA looking for someone to talk to

    I’m new from MA.
  11. Fiona5

    newbie from mother russia

    Hello! I hope you are finding it easier to be yourself on here at least
  12. Fiona5

    Getting over a Divorce

    I’m brand new to this website. But, I’m also going through a divorce. Mine was more clear cut, I had to leave for my own health and safety. However, it does get better. Hold on to the moments when you are striving, breathing easier, feeling happier. Those are the signs you made the right decision. In moments of weakness remind yourself why you made the choice. You’ve got this
  13. Please excuse the misspelling of "their" in the above post. I HATE it when I don't catch that. Damn auto-correct!
  14. No, lol. The Amish (or Mennonites, for that matter) DON'T read them. It's everyone ELSE-women, I mean, though I have these fantasies of their being a secret sub-culture of gay men who ALSO read them-giggle. And just to send you down ANOTHER rabbit hole, have you heard of Mennonite RAP? That is a hoot!
  15. LizzieLou

    Location-Location-Location Relationships

    Good advice, Ramona. I have always found friends and lovers online and made real connections that way - through common interests and a lot of typing, and eventually meeting in person, when travel plans allow. I'm locked into place now, but I still like meeting ppl from all over.
  16. LizzieLou

    Coming up to the 5-0

    So, I have just recently turned 50. When I say that I feel like I'm lying because THAT JUST SEEMS SO CRAZY TO ME! Like... damn, that happened fast. I don't feel like I'm fifty (whatever that is). Sure there's some physical changes, but my brain still thinks I'm in my 30s. My late 30's. I totally forget when I'm out in the world that ppl see me as some middle-aged lady (if they see me at all - invisibility has it's benefits), maybe somebody's mom, just the way I used to *gasp* look at my own mother. I was reading on one of the other threads about younger women liking older women, and it made me think of this woman (in a slightly senior position) at work that I have a little crush on... and then I realized... I AM OLDER THAN SHE IS! (insert head explodey emoji here) It probably sounds kind of dumb to a lot of you, but I'm think I'm having a significant disconnect between inner me and outer me. And I wonder if I would feel differently if I had grown kids of my own -- e.g. I couldn't still be 38 if I had a kid who was in their mid 20s. Weird.
  17. Well, bust my buttons. I learn something new everyday. Do the Amish themselves read the Amish romances (it seems like that would be frowned upon) or are others eagerly reading about the Amish and their blessed romances/marriages? (Sorry lesbotronic webmistress - I won't keep on about this much longer so you don't have to start a new topic!)
  18. MichelleG

    Hello from Phx AZ

    Hello I'm Michelle, hailing from Phx Az. Im 45 yo Hispanic femme. I am employed, happy, single and looking for a new NSA relationship. What else would you like to know
  19. Oh, yes. Amish romances are a very popular (in our library at least) subgenre of Romance novels. They are sometimes loosely classified in with Christian fiction but really do belong in the Romance category. As a sacrifice in the line of duty, I have read three or four of these, just to see what they are about. Really, they are ALL THE SAME BOOK, which is the attraction, I think. Hardworking Amish dude (may or may not be a widower), ALWAYS handsome, finds himself in need of a wife (even if he doesn't realize this), woman comes along at JUST the right time coz GOD, and before you know it, there's a new wife on the farm....it's formulaic, you don't have to think while reading it, and your happy ending is assured. (I once overheard one of my colleagues muttering whilst shelving one, "Amish! JUST whom I'd choose for a romantic obsession! Someone who has no electricity, limited education, and NEVER visits the library...." I cracked up!
  20. Ok, I'm sorry because I know this is off topic, but... there are Amish romances!?!
  21. keltheimpossible

    Happy Dewey Decimal Day!!!

    I also! In that I missed it, our ENTIRE LIBRARY overlooked this (we've been having major traumatic staff overhauls at the moment so this accounts for the WTF were we thinking? thing), and no-one except YOU brought this to my attention! So thank you! You are a star! (So I'd file you in the 520s! :D)
  22. Perfectmesslili

    Hello from Europe (Bulgaria)!

    Hello everyone! I am new here so if you are up for a chat or something you can message me anytime! :)
  23. LizzieLou

    Happy Dewey Decimal Day!!!

    Oh rats! I missed it! I now have Dec. 10th marked on my calendar so it won't happen again. I wish every day was Dewey Decimal Day. ; )
  24. LizzieLou

    Lesbian Scifi/fantasy

    It's not for everyone, but "This is How You Lose the Time War" is stunning. I've also just started reading Annalee Newitz, including "Future of Another Timeline".
  25. keltheimpossible

    Holidays are not my cup of tea!!!

    I have a BIG stack of books that I'm spending Christmas with! I've got invitations from kind friends and will be visiting a neighbor (mainly for social networking purposes, as there will be pretty much no food at this gathering I can eat). My whippet is overjoyed at the prospect, b/c she likes nothing better than to have me HOME curled up in my reading chair with a cozy throw, a cuppa, and HER in my lap.... with a book, of course!
  26. This a terrific idea! I would love to munch at The Munch Box! I also get a kick out of turning our home cooking into a menu - as though someone would come pay to eat at our house. The changing menu is a fun artifact that shows how our dining has changed over time, which different eating plans we've tried (vegetarian, atkins, paleo, whole30, etc). It also shows how hard it is to cut though all of the trends and crap advice that surfaces every few years. (Not that I intend to disparage any of those ^ things I've mentioned.) Fat is bad then fat is good. Carbs are the building block of the food pyramid and now sugar is bad. Eggs are bad, now eggs are good. I think eating right (ok, for me) is variety and non-processed foods.
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