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  1. THE POLLS: Lesbians: How DO they behave, anyway?

    We'll start the topics for now. But if you have a good idea for a new poll, please message us!

  2. The Personals Side of Lesbotronic: Perplexing Profiles, Cans of Worms

    We've experienced some "gray area" ethical and interpersonal dilemmas here, and we've decided to put them out to the community for feedback.

  3. Sexual Identities (Lesbian/Dyke/Homo/Bi/Omnisexual/Pansexual/Queer/Trans)

    What have you 'come out' as? Has your thinking about your identity changed over time?

  4. Body Talk / Body Issues within the Lesbian/Bi/Queer/Trans Community

    Size, shape, food, skin, health issues, work, hair, sex, changes, eating, play, culture, aging, judgment, modification, style, clothing, dis/abilities, in/visibility, in/accessibility ... or what did we leave out? Topics can be dealt with as both inside and outside the "lesbian community."

  5. Queer Politics / Political Thought within the Lesbian or Queer Community

    Issues, politics, news, elected officials, causes, etc.

  6. Issues Specific to Lesbian / Queer Women of Color

    The intersection of race, gender, and sexual orientation - living in society (queer and otherwise) as a queer woman of color.

  7. Transgender/Transsexual Issues

    Deciding to transition, changes during, telling other people, how to be an ally to a trans-person.

  8. Lesbians in the Media/News/Movies/TV

    What portrayals have you recently seen? Did you applaud or cringe? How well are we being represented lately?

  9. The Lesbian Bookworm

    Books you like that reference the lesbian experience . . . your feelings about lesbian literature . . . specific articles you'd like to point us all toward . .. whatever!

  10. Monogamy vs. Non-Monogamy and/or Polyamory

    Serial monogamy vs. anything else, especially within the lesbian community. Making it work vs. watching it implode.

  11. Negotiating Relationships

    Negotiating anger, jealousy, personal growth, betrayal, boundaries, communication, personal space, dealing with the friends and family of the other, finding social support when you are NOT looking for new "dates" (or whatever), whatever else may be your issue(s). Personal story to share? Advice to ask for or give? Step right up.

  12. Dating Disastrously

    Ever been on a date that started reasonably enough with a reasonable-seeming person . . . but then (insert horror movie music here). Could be a first date or something that went horribly awry in an ongoing relationship. Disaster daters can share the quirky, the disturbing, or the certifiably disturbed. Others can share support or survival tips.

  13. Relationship Dealbreakers

    Some folks confine their concerns to felony convictions and illegal drug addictions, while others get annoyed if a date ends a sentence with a preposition. Do YOU have any that are relatively specific? Have you ever rejected or been rejected over something a lot of folks find insignificant? Share and compare.

  14. Butch & Femme

    Adore these labels some use within the lesbian community? Despise them? Simply shrug your shoulders? Discuss?

  15. Spirituality/Religiosity and/or Being Lesbian/Queer

    You must read the announcement in this forum before posting here.
  16. Famous Lesbians / Celebrity Gossip

    What well-known women turn your crank? Are they . . . or aren't they?

  17. Coming Out / Homophobia

    Have you had to 'come out' multiple times, or with more than one identity? What were your hopes/fears? Did they come true?

  18. Lesbian/Gay Weddings

    Commitment ceremonies vs. state-sanctioned marriages vs. ... not.

  19. Older & Wiser

    Yes, age IS just a number, but as our number increases hopefully we learn a few things along the way. Here's a forum in which the O&W can commune. Possibly also a place spring chickens can request some sage advice from those who have been around the "lesbian block" a few times? You decide! (How old is "older?" We won't define that for you, you'll have to self-select (grin). )

  20. Our Fabulous Furry Friends

    Do lesbians REALLY have too many cats? Or is that a contradiction in terms? (but all genres of pet welcome!)

  21. Having and/or Raising Kids

    The struggles and the joys of being a queer parent, both within the lesbian community and without. Share your experiences, your advice, or resources you've found.

  22. 'Tis the Season to Feel Stressed Out

    No matter your personal beliefs or degree of investment in the holiday season(s), it can be a stressful time. Some say even more than average for queers. If you're "out" you may suffer from familial judgments on your "lifestyle," if you're not, you might have to field nosy questions or "straighten up" your house. Share the pathos and support each other here.

  23. Meeting New Women, Flirting 'Em Up

    What sort of places do you go (other than lesbotronic) to meet lesbian /gay/bi/queer/insert-preferred-label-here women, how do you pick a "target," what do you do?

    (Please note: This forum is ABOUT the subject OF meeting new women and flirting. It's NOT the place to say, 'Hi, I'm new, flirt with me.' If you just want to introduce YOURSELF, you do that in Member Introductions, below.)

  24. BEST PLACES for Lesbians (and those that love them)

    Recommend your favorite LOCAL haunts to other members, where to go when folks are in your town, etc. Locale-specific ?'s and event announcements go here too. (For general purpose non-expiring longer-term stuff, please see if whatever city already has a thread going and reply to that rather than starting another fresh one. Time-limited event announcements should have their own thread with a subject line worded as specifically as possible (where/when/what, etc.))

  25. 18
  26. The 'Water Cooler'

    Random stuff . . . anything you'd like to share or discuss that doesn't particularly fit into the topics above ... a joke, a random problem, your personal life, something odd you saw today ...

  27. Member Introductions

    Talking about yourself via posting your own Member Introduction is awesome, but for optimum social success, don't just stop there.

    You're most likely to interest other members when you add your two cents to one of their already ongoing conversations.  (That means absolutely any topic anyone else posted anywhere on here outside Member Introductions.)

    Just like when you talk to people off the internet, you're most captivating when you display interest in other topics and other people too!

    Please title all new topics/intros with both your location (can be very general) and one other thing you'd like others to know about you. Location not required for titles for topics that are NOT Member Introductions, but location is more important in this forum to help potential readers decide if they care to click and read more about you.

    Your administrators may improve any massively vague titles that fail to follow our recommendation above.  More information under Massively Untidy: The Case Against Vague (Topic Titles).

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