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  2. I think the whole world just needs to get off the whole label trip...shes a lesbian...hes gay... transgender ...queer ...metro- sexual...come on people ...cant we just be human...together Because we are all unique. Just like everybody else
  3. I wish I had a crystal ball to look into the future. I fear that I may be alone as well. I've heard people say - just wait the right one will come along when it's right. And then other say - if you are waiting for someone to come knocking on your door, you'll wait forever; get out there and look. Still others say - if you keep looking so hard, you'll never find. I'm so confused I don't know what to do. I'm not a "bar" type person so I'm not going to meet anyone that way; and my gaydar is not the best in the world. The hard part is that I'm not a person that likes to be alone. I don't want to just jump into a living relationship with someone right away, but I do want to eventually end up that way if we are compatible. I see a quite a few lesbian women (I think--as I said, my gaydar is not the best) in supermarkets and such, but how do you approach? How do you flirt? Sometimes it's hard enough just getting them to acknowledge you. I can't just walk up and say "hey, I'm a lesbian too, how about we hook up for coffee sometime".
  4. Anybody like horror movies?

    I'll watch most any horror movie. Good or bad. Some favs: Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead (I think it counts), the Romero dead movies, Raw, The Descent, Alien(s), Let Me In, I could go on and on, so I'll stop. Anyone seen The Girl With All The Gifts? UK film based on a really good book. Glenn Close in it.
  5. Favorite Natural Scenic Locations (worldwide)

    Francesonly Holy crap that's beautiful. i am googling and soaking up pics of that place. Here are a couple pics from my fav place in Tahoe National Forest. Not me in the pics, I took them. (Not sure how they will look onceattached, so sorry if they're weird, will do better next time.)
  6. Settling for less

    "... all she had to do to get it was pretend to like me a little." I get that. I have also been on the receiving end of that behavior, more than once and in different types of relationships/friendships. "The thing that's different for me now vs. then, is that today I'm no longer looking for a relationship - instead I am looking for someone special to be in a relationship with." Nice. Excellent way to look at life.
  7. I don't think so. I work in a hospital with a very wide mix of people. Young, old, straight, LGBTQ, all colors, different cultures, men, women. Everybody gossips, it's practically a job requirement. If anything, in my experience over the yrs, the straight men are the biggest gossips of all. If I've been off work and want to find out what's going on, Icall one of the boys.
  8. How did you discover your sexuality? Did you always know, did you have an experience. Do you feel like your sexuality has changed over time with growth and as you learn to accept yourself for who you are? Who did you come out to first and how did you do it?
  9. Where are the older wiser women?

    2nd pic. Nice hat and I love the effect in the lens.
  10. Nice choice of Neko Case. That voice. That thick hair. I'll add: Jill Sobule Brandi Carlile Imelda May with the blonde curl Sam Bee And, of course Gillian Anderson
  11. What Are Your Celebrity Crushes?

    ...and I must add Penny Johnson Jerald Audra McDonald :)
  12. Yes, I do. I'm awful in social situations, esp. out of my comfort zones. Any and all types of relationships I've had have been work related. Mandatory time together where given some time people realize I'm actually alright. I moved farther from work and friends a few yr ago and now I'm planning my early retirement. I'm so excited about quitting, but also freaked out about never meeting any new friends , let alone meeting someone for an actual relationship.
  13. Just Desserts?

    I am definitely with you! It makes more sense when you put it like that. Youcan enjoy it with your coffee or tea,get an addedyour sugar fix in the morningto get you going and you have the entire day to burn off the calories if you are counting. I mean heyif wecan indulge in all day breakfast, why not good morning cherry cheese cake?
  14. Coffee, Tea, or neither?

    I enjoy waking up and having a hot cup of coffee to get me moving in the morning but I love to sit back and sip on a tea at any other point of the day - afternoon or evening - green, orange pekoe or any sort of specialty/herbal tea.
  15. Your little fluff-balls

    My boys. I had Milofor about a year before I ended up getting Cozmo. The first week I brought Cozmo home I was notquiteexpecting all the turmoil. Milo becameveryaggressive even though I was keeping them separated at first. Therewas a lot ofhissing at each other through the door and when I eventually tried to introduce them to each other,Milo chased Cozmo relentlessly.I felt horrible for putting themthrough that.I decidedthatif bythe endof theweek ifthings didn’t improve, it would be in the best interest for both ofthe catsto bring Cozmo back. Oddlyenoughwhen I woke up on the last day of that weekI was shockedto see that the mood had changed entirely. It’s almost as if they both knew what would have happened and all of a suddenthey started playingtogether, sleeping next to each other, grooming each other - and now they are inseparable brothers. What I’ve learned isthat Ifyou are bringing home a new fur baby, make sure you give them adequate time, maintainyourpatience, give all the animals in the homeequal amounts of love &a little hope goes a long way too.
  16. I find it incredibly hard to meet women in my area and would like to see how many would be interested in a local support group and have / do social outings together as a group? Anyone else in this area?
  17. dont have a cat OR a dog :)

    I have two bunnies and a tarantula. I fist fostered then adopted the bunnies. I fell in LOVE and now im obsessed.
  18. Your little fluff-balls

    I don't have cats or dogs personally (i run my own pet sitting business so luckily i get to be graced by these beautiful creatures everyday all day long!), but i do own two rabbits (and i have fallen in love with rabbits as pets now since adopting after fostering my two), and now im obsessed. I also own a tarantula.
  19. Fear Of Commitment

    I have only had this experience with men. I hope i do not experience this with women. I am waiting to meet the right one.
  20. Too Clingy!

    As weird and funny as it sounds i actually love clingy, but as long as the feeling is mutual of course.
  21. Emotional Manipulators

    I have had my fair share of emotional manipulators. This is something i am not fond of and avoid if i can tell from the start. If it's a bit into the relationship and it starts happening and i am truly invested in this person - i find it's harder for me to walk away, but i always do. Nobody needs to put up with being manipulated like that.
  22. Married Women, Closeted Women.

    I couldn't have said it better myself.
  23. Would lesbians date bisexual women?

    I have unfortunately experienced issues like this my entire life and some wouldn't even give me a chance because they knew i was bisexual (actually Pansexual), and for me it's not about gender it's about the person themselves, but i just find it incredibly unfortunate and makes me self-conscious even in the idea of flirting with another woman or lesbian.
  24. What Are Your "deal Breakers"

    Relationship deal breakers for me are people who use drugs recreationally (marijuana aside), drink more than once in a blue moon and drink to get drunk, partiers, smokers, people who are ignorant to others, aren't kind, who are racist or prejudice, vuglar in language, who gets bored easily and likes to move onto the next thing always in search of more (relationship and activity wise. Not to be confused with someone who has a drive for life and new experiences), who don't want children (my biggest dream is to be the best mom i can be and to raise and adopt / foster children throughout my entire life), no aspirations or goals and who are lazy and unmotivated. Liars, cheaters, and thieves. Someone who doesn't appreciate or isn't kind to animals. Stuff that is potentially a deal breaker; Women who aren't into active / outdoor related things like camping and hiking or even fitness in general.
  25. I’d like to get my septum pierced but I can’t decide if it will be a “look” I like on myself or just one I like on someone else.....
  26. I have 8tattoos currently and just my ears and nipples pierced. I did have two other piercings but my body likes to heal items up and out.
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