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  2. I understand completely. My best friend and I were best friends for 9 months before things became physical. I, like yourself want a friendship - really getting to know someone - before even thinking about a physical relationship. I don’t believe in one night stands or mini-relationships. That’s not what I’m about and I’m sorry if I gave off that impression. I’m basically an introvert and it takes time to get to know someone and sometimes that doesn’t work for some women but that’s who I am. I actually have my best friend meet the person bc my “good/real person” radar is not the best. If you don’t pass her test, it’s not going to work for me. I appreciate your response and btw, you are correct about the awful winters and I wish I could move further south but not too far bc I am heat intolerant.
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  4. Coming out in your 40s.

    I wish I knew earlier that no one else pays my bills or lives my life but me. No one else wears the responsibility for my actions but me. I should have said, "F-off" & lived my authentic self sooner....
  5. Did you know that "Nedrow" is the founder's name Worden, spelled backwords? Learn something new, every day! I used to live near Lake Placid for many years. Syracuse is a wind-driven-freezer in winter-- so happy to not be in that spot of the world now (much prefer the beach). I was going to add that many sites designed to find a "safe place" for women to meet aren't necessarily designated as "dating" sites. I've joined and given up on many simply because the majority are ONLY looking for a partner (a.s.a.p.) rather than friends (or even, friends-first) and aren't really interested in delving deep-- mainly contacting you to find out where to drop the U-Haul- lol. I know this, first-hand, because I've tried in the past to make it crystal-clear that while I'm not against a possible relationship, I'm more interested in finding some good friends. If that becomes more, it's okay, but don't contact me for that eventuality as it's not my reason for being there. What did I get? Women contacting as "friends-only" and we meet up for coffee or such & I can IMMEDIATELY tell I'm being sized-up as partner material. I know that sounds like I'm bragging or reading too much into it, but it's true. These women, in a very short time, approach me as a love-interest. I find out during that short time that they've had many partners for, likewise, short periods of time. I've never been able to understand how anyone moves in with another person so quickly. Anywho-- that's all from me, for now. Wishing everyone a peaceful day/night, from Western AU. ;)
  6. It’s going to be hard wherever you go. I personally think that it’s a matter if you click - whether it be online or in person. I have my FB page say that I am in a relationship but she is my best friend and she isn’t looking for a relationship. She is also 13 years older than I am and I AM looking for a relationship. That makes it hard bc it looks like I am fake or lying but I have never had a best friend like this one and I would do anything for her. I’ve tried the bar/club scene but I just feel like I’m too old for clubs but too young to just give up and don’t know where to turn. I don’t want to do the thing bc I’ve been there, done that and when I bring them to my home, they see my best friend. They get nervous even after I let them know she is definitely straight and does not want to be thought of as gay. Then why do the FB thing? Its bc we were both in abusive relationships and needed to get completely away and keep those ppl away. Our children know the truth and that is what matters to us. Now, after 10 years, I want to change the status and she is afraid of what others would think bc we both have MS and plan on being there for one another forever. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to find a woman to spend time with romantically. I have no idea where I was going with all of that so I would leave t there. Btw, I am in Syracuse - Nedrow, a small town 1 mile south of Syracuse, NY.
  7. Causing me to “think lustful thoughts.”

    Sex is the worst. And the best! And the worst.
  8. Where are the older wiser women?

    Shit. Chinese hip hop. That's hard core.
  9. I'm biracial, and I've dated across the racial spectrum. My two most significant relationships have been with a black woman (7+ years, in my 30s), and a white woman (3 years, in my late 40s). They all bring something unique to the table, and if you're open and can communicate through the intricacies, it can be a beautiful thing. I agree that being willing to be open, honest, and vulnerable with someone who has a totally different experience than you can make you a better person. I would never dismiss someone because of their race.
  10. we are out there!!

    Out of my blue I've discovered my sexuality is off the charts! I am loving it. I'm 62 and bi. I recently EXHAUSTED a 47 year old man. I hope to exhaust a delicious female. You're going to love 62 and beyond!
  11. There's nothing more beautiful than different ethnicities enjoying each other in all aspects. I'm Hispanic and in my lifetime I had just 1 encounter with an African American woman. We both were in our 20's . It was delicious. Looking for seconds. Just saying.
  12. Where are the older wiser women?

    To start off, I'm 62 in Central Florida from New York. The man I was married to only liked role play. When ever I brought up an addition of another female he kindly objected! In the form of hours of oral sex. Yes on me. Porn was a big part of our life and he loved watching women with women. Go figure! Here's my quandary. I LOVED it too. We never acted on it. Such a shame. (Don't cry for me Argentina). I've been with women but before marriage. At the nubile age of 13 I had my first indulgence. It was grand. (She was 15). But I also enjoyed male thrusting. Unfortunately all those married years went blank! Now I find myself wanting and needing. That female touch and taste. As I get older the wants get stronger. I still enjoy the "thrusting " but it's so lacking in other aspects. I know I'm bi. No doubt about it. I hope I'm wiser. Seems so. I dont judge anyone's sexual identity. Not my business. But if both sides of my family knew or I told them, their extreme Catholic brains would burst! Older and wiser? Menza menza!
  13. Hey, all! New to Lesbotronic.... I'm a native Detroiter, home now but I've moved around a lot, and I'm hoping to make some newfriends! My tribe is in Portland, OR, and I may eventually end up back in the beautiful PNW, but I'd like to enjoy more of the new and exciting things my hometown has to offer while I'm here. Any other Detroiters out here who are open to discuss, explore, and enjoy the city and surrounding areas together? I'm especially into the arts, outdoors (water is my jam), movies, food and day-drinking. PS... I'm excited to meet people from other areas, too! I love to travel!
  14. Anybody like horror movies?

    My first horror flick was "Carrie"... I was too young to watch it and it kept me awake and freaked out for days. But I've loved that feeling ever since. There's nothing like the controlled out-of-control feeling of a good scary flick, not knowing what's going to happen next. I definitely prefer psychological scares more than gore. Faves; Candyman, Pet Sematary (the original, and I've only watched it once), The Shining, Let Me In, Ex Machina, Get Out, Pi, Black Swan (really, any movie by Darren Aronofsky), Alien.... oh man, and so many more. Bonus points if you've also seen my favorite trash 70s scary flick: Psychomania! Technically, THIS is my first horror flick, but... well, if you've seen it, you know.
  15. Where are the older wiser women?

    I'm not on the verge....I jumped off that edge a number of years ago! LMAO.....
  16. I'd see that movie on opening day! I would like to seeEmma Stone play a lesbian. I haven't been disappointed with her stuff yet. For me really all she'd have to do is talk and I'm done.
  17. Tattoos and piercings?

    If you are hesitant, I would suggest getting a fake one and wear it around a bit, just to see if you like the way it looks on you.
  18. Tattoos and piercings?

    Here's my newest addition... My daughter and I got matching/opposites...
  19. Where are the older wiser women?

    LOL!! I am also..
  20. Where are the older wiser women?

    It's funny to me how so many don't understand that growing older doesn't always mean getting the way that you phrase that...
  21. Angelina Jolie

    I totally agree.
  22. L-Word / smeLL-Word Season 4

    I'd have to agree with you on Jenny being the most unsympathetic character. Felt like she was there just to cause drama. Not sure why seeing as everyone else had plenty of drama going on to carry the show. They should have kept Mariana and had Jenny leave after season one.
  23. New Lesbian Bookworm Forum

    Olympus Nights on the Square By Vanda
  24. Favorite Dishes: The Cooking Thread

    This might not be pretty, but it was exactly what I wanted! The bottom layer is savory steel-cut oats, followed by great northerns cooked with a mixture of fruit and biting things (onions, garlic, and a habanero for its fruity heat), topped with vegan quick-sauteed Tuscan kale. I added a dollop of tomato jam, b/c why not?
  25. New Lesbian Bookworm Forum

    Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.
  26. (Upstate New York) Hey what's up Hello

    What part of Upstate? I’m in Nedrow - 1 mile south of Syracuse and near the Onondaga Reservation.
  27. (Upstate New York) Hiccups

    What part of Upstate? I’m in Syracuse - well, 1 mile south in the small town of Nedrow near the Onondaga Reservation.
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