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  2. Stella Blomkvist

    Well the show is average, but I like the ladies. ;) I think the show is available on Sundance now. Of course, there are other alternatives, like peer-to-peer exchange. Also ytube censored my favorite video, but it's still available on dailymotion...
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  4. I think I missed the poll. I don't see a time index. Anyway, I have been fat shamed and neglected by doctors on this front. I was having sleep apnea in 2013 (6 years ago) and I was willing to undergo a sleep study, but when I saw a doctor, without even asking what I usually ate for dinner, she told me to try a salad and water before my meal, presuming it was bread and meat. Then she tried to scare me to death about death. No sleep study. Then last month, a different doctor told me to read The China Study, which is this long book designed to convert the reader into a vegetarian or vegan to avoid every disease, starting with cancer and moving on into obesity. Fat vegetarians exist, and the book says that it's either lack of exercise, eating too much junk food, or if it's genetic, then you just need to diet and exercise more. The author goes so far as to cast industries like food-makers as the villains. It isn't just the body-shaming and the presumptions the doctors make without gauging anything, but the arrogance. I actually eat a super healthy diet with limited fats, no pork, little red meat (and the red meat that is eaten is super lean when I can help it), whole grains, lots of fresh veggies, and I cook with vinegar, spices, and herbs for flavor, because it reduces the desire for fats and salts that cause health issues. The doctors refuse to do anything, and just complain about my weight, but then when they check my heart and lungs, they're shocked to find that I don't have congestive ventricles, because I don't eat one thing super regularly. I vary up my diet as much as humanly possible, and try to keep an influx of fresh veggies of different types with every meal. Last night, at a diner I was so frustrated looking over everything, worried about not getting something too expensive-because healthy food costs a lot more, for some reason- so salmon was out, the fruit and chicken salad plate was too much. In the end I opted for the grilled-chicken Caesar salad with a lighter dressing than Caesar. At least then I felt like I wasn't doing myself harm. Last time I ate at that place, I ordered this dish that turned out to be an ounce of chopped chicken with an ounce of carrot, over a cup of salty chicken gravy, thick noodles, mashed potatoes, and a biscuit on top. I immediately had a can of vegetable juice when I got home, just because the meal was so unhealthy. It wasn't out of guilt, either, but just because I hated the lack of balance and flavor. It was so gross. My bestie and I joke about the lesbian cafe we want to open called the Munch Box, where we offer nothing but super healthy and inexpensive dishes and treats, like applesauce popsicles with different fruits added for flavor, platters that are great for sharing a bite or two of with a friend, and so much freaking hummus everywhere. I come up with a lot of the fantasy recipes, like curried paneer empanadas, moussaka pierogies, chicken gyro tacos with tzatziki & feta, and so on. Then we joke about the food at every other American place, and how enthusiastically some people are into shoving red meat, cheese, and such into everything. So we joke about getting -for example- a Caesar salad, but instead of lettuce, it's bacon, and instead of chicken, it's steak, and instead of dressing, it's nacho cheese sauce. "Can I get _____ instead of ____?" "Hell yeah, you can get ____ instead of ____, because this is Murica!" We joke about the Munch Box being right next door, so when some guy walks in and asks for that crap, we just tell him "That's next door!" or across the street or something. Whenever we imagine the food, it's just the garbled pile of salty, fatty meat with a bunch of fatty, salty cheese covering everything, with no flavors beyond fat and salt.
  5. I probably didn't format the italicsproperly. Sorry! Where's the edit button?
  6. Marriage is supposed to be forever - or so we were told. Those who tried to make sense of that thensupposed love needed to be forever tooin order to make that work - that's on us as people whohave been indoctrinated from birth about the virtues of a "lasting union."Increasingly, love forever, marriage forever and even monogamy are not expected. We still hope and some dostrive, but we aren't surprised by the failure that we are half-expecting to show up. "Guess I'm not the marrying kind." "It wasn't meant to be." "It became too much work." "I just stopped feeling anything/the same way/attracted to them." "It wasn't fun anymore." "Love doesn't exist/is a construct/is a marketing ploy." So depressing! Both marriage and lovearework andrequireconstant upkeep. I believe in myself. I can make love work with someone I respect and trust. I'm rather good at it because I pay attention to changes in my partner and find it rewarding to support them, as I would expect them to love and support me whenI grow as a person. We don't have to be much alike - but we do need to understand one another!Even so, you can't stop others from letting self-doubt creep in, which couldsteer them out of your orbit before you ever know it. Relationships end and it isn't fair. Even with someone who respects you; who loves you;who is your best friend; they can still allow unvoiced doubt to become cold fear and open mistrust where none was warranted. This is why I never lie and always answer fully when concerns arise. [/i]Even so, it didn't help my last relationship because people sometimes listen to their inner voice over what you are saying and apply what you say in twisted ways that confirmbias.[/i] Losing the heart of a lovedoneis horrible. It is as devastating as a death and can linger just as long before closure comes - if at all. What is most surprising is that we ever want to do it again. I'm tough enough to try until I find someone who suits me as I suit them. I just have to be cognizant enough to see pitfalls before committing myself. Oh -- and live long enough to enjoy it when I do find her!
  7. Mental Illnesses

    As someone who suffers from a few mental disorders, I wouldn't say having one is a deal breaker. HOWEVER. What *is* a dealbreaker is when someone who knows they have a problem but gets really defensive about it once it's brought up. Or someone who asks for help but then refuses to open up when you're willing to be there. If my partner is suffering from a disorder while in our relationship, and hasn't gotten help yet, I'd do whatever I can to help them as best as I can. But, there's only so much I can do, and if they don't make that final push to really dedicate themselves to get better, I won't stay. I'll still be there as a friend, but I can't put myself in a romantic position when they're struggling so much, and sometimes it's better to remove that intimate/romantic pressure on the other person. There is absolutely one deal breaker that I will cut off any contact with someone and that's anger management problems. This is because of PTSD and if I was in a long term relationship with someone like that we'd end up in a really toxic cycle.
  8. Would lesbians date bisexual women?

    My first ever relationship was with a bi woman. It ended terribly, with her using me to get her ex fiance jealous - in hindsight I should've known better xD Fast forward a bit and she's now mostly dating women and still has one night stands with men. Did that ruin my view for all bisexuals? Hell naw. Have I dated a bisexual woman since? Not yet ... I actually haven't met a bi woman since. But I'm still open to that idea c:
  9. Do your fur babies get along?

    I have 2 kitties that get along ok, but I wouldn't be comfortable enough to introduce a ferret into the mix quite yet ><; One of my closefriends has a bunny and 4 dogs and they all get along great though!
  10. Hello from Canada!!

    My name is Cindy and I am 19yrs from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I’m a 2nd year college student enroll in Sheridan's Early Childhood Education. I’m not tall and gorgeous, but about average height and more “averagely cute” rather than drop dead gorgeous). I, and other flat chested women have probably been passed over by women due to our cup size. I don’t begrudge women this preference, as we are attracted to what we are attracted to, and no amount of scolding, shaming, or cajoling is going to change what anyone is attracted to. I've been with one lesbian woman (much older) that I see frequently for a while. Recently, she introduced me to new sexual experience with her girlfriend. Not engage in a Threesome to be clear, both relationship is very intimate. Yes I am the third wheel now with a lesbian couple.
  11. Never did.. but I am very curious about it!
  12. Saw her again today!! I have strong feelings for a woman in her 50s. She is my neighbor on my street and I don't see her except at Walmart where we stop and talk for hours. I don't know anything about her personal life, and haven't said much about mine but we just talk about stuff. I feel when I meet her I want to explode my heart races and I just want to say that I'm crazy about her. But I'm so scared that she'll be offended and then she'll be out of my life. I say that because she is very prim and proper. I really want to tell her that I think about her all day and imagine what it would be like to be with her and I don't think she has a clue about even my sexuality. I feel like I'm getting obsessed! Which I'm not, but these feelings are so strong. Not sure what to do!!!
  13. Too Clingy!

    I think it's important to have compatible levels of clingy-ness. Jayne - I'm like you. Clingy behaviour can quickly smother a budding love. I need a partner who has interests of their own and doesn't expect to live in my back pocket. In truth, it's also that this is a warning sign for me now. I take care of others professionally, so while I empathize with why a woman may be clingy, I need someone who doesn't need constant reassurance from me.
  14. I like it allas long as one's makeup isn't overdone.I wear light makeup myself unless I'm goingout toa dark place like a concert, romantic dinner or my parent's house.Would I miss makeup if it disappeared off the planet? Not a bit. Even so, it is fun to play with. Implants? I dunno. I think that having to replace them within adecade is rather off-putting. Hopefully soon, we'll have something better.I dismiss it as an option for myselfbecause I don't want toconform, let alone have scars or runthe risk of nerve damage, but I have seen some pleasing results here and there. In short - it depends. 8D
  15. (South Dakota) New To This

    Hi Courtney320, I have been on this site off and on for awhile. I am trying to chat about something on here and that seems to help. Hope you have a nice day.
  16. Hi there. Out, mostly lesbian from Tallahassee FL. I'm coming back to this sure after some time and honestly have no idea how to use it lol. I know there's probably not anyone else here from my area, so I'm down to meet folks from all over FL and nearby.
  17. New from Florida :) [Tallahassee]

    I'm from Tallahassee as well! Yeah the dating scene is awful. I lived in Jacksonville for a few years, and everything about it, including the LGBT community is calling me back.
  18. What Are Your Celebrity Crushes?

    I could listen to Sofia speak all day! Lol Love her voice ♥️
  19. What Are Your Celebrity Crushes?

    Marisa hargitay, Sofia Vergara, Miranda Lambert, Selma Hayek, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon....
  20. (South Dakota) New To This

    Help! Ugh I cant get used to this site. I guess I just have to be on it more. It's a lot of reading and I love to read. I dont have time to read every little thing though eh.
  21. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    I put it on my watch list!
  22. Stella Blomkvist

    I have never heard of it, but might try to find it somewhere to check it out. I certainly like "a sexy, hard-nosed and quick-witted lawyer with a dark past, fluid sexuality and a taste for whiskey and easy money." :D
  23. Probably everyone has a different interpretation. Best to ask individuals. For me, a soft butch may be someone who likes feminine women, but is not overly masculine herself, either in appearance or in character. I never heard of a soft femme before, so can't comment on that. I guess it's whatever turns you on.
  24. I have nothing interesting to add to this pg at the moment, but I like it. I'll just add this for now.
  25. I'm still trying to discover and identify with my sexuality from years of suppressing. I always knew I liked being intimate with women more than men. My first sexual experience was with a female at a very young age. I experienced mena decade later and it wasn't by desire. Because I finally came out to my family after 40 years, i'm now learning to be free with it. MY sexuality is starting to change now although I am confused on how to identify myself so I don't and won't yet. I came out to my children first. Because we have an open door relationship it wasn't hard and they were very accepting. I came out to my sister and best friend by way of phone conversation and my mom was via text message. The comfort from that is the whole time I thought I was hiding it I wasn't. They all knew, they just waited for me to come to myself. So now, after all the work i put in trying to hide who I am from myself, I'm like a new student in class...
  26. Hello I'm new, please help lol (Houston)

    I'm new to this site as well. I am also looking for more lesbian friends and perhapsmore. I've lived in Houston pretty much all my life but I am not really into the club or bar scene. I am learning my way around the site so, please, if you have any advice to help me out feel free to speak up. I live in the The Woodlands/Spring/Klien/North Houston area. I am a very active person and work from home so I get to set most of my hours. Not sure what else to put so I will end here for now. Hope to hear from some of y'all soon.
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