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  2. Favorite Dishes: The Cooking Thread

    Soup....again. This time it is my take on potato and leek. I added a few extra vegetables like carrots and shitake mushrooms (why not?), deleted the cream, put in some shredded chicken breast...and seasoned it with fresh garlic and thyme. And a few shakes of Tabasco. Result: a very tasty soup, lighter than the usual potato and leek one finds. I might add some lemon to it next time. For a second course I'm having some Caribbean guacamole. I make mine with mango and add sriracha. (But there is a secret ingredient, too. You wanna know what it, you're gonna have to ask.)
  3. How to purchase Hormones from verified sources.

    You're going to have me blushing Thank you for the compliment Huggz
  4. (San Diego) i want a gf

  5. (San Diego) i want a gf

    im good nnatured
  6. Last week
  7. Gotta say. they look very nice....
  8. Hi everyone, Hoping this the correct place to put this but am sure the mods will move it if not, but here goes :). As a M2F TS, over the years I've tried to help other other Tgirls find a way to self medicate as well as CiS Ladies going through menopause that can't get HRT help from their doctors. I have recently ordered from the following two places with no problems at all, I thought I would pass along the info to you all. The first place is InHouse Pharmacy, many of you will have heard of them by word of mouth over the years, I can confirm they are still going strong though are a little more expensive these days. InHouse Pharmacy Unfortunately they don't take paypal, but over the years I've not had any trouble with their other payment methods. The 2nd place I recently dealt with is called Shes A Lady. I stumbled across them by searching google for "Estrofem 2mg" They are based in Portugal, one of the few European countries that don't need a prescription to prescribe hormones and other such medications. So I contacted them regarding buying some Estrofem, and the lady replied by email very quickly, told me how much postage would be per package, and how much a package would hold to make it as economical as possible for me, So once we finalised what I wanted, she asked for my paypal email address to send me an invoice to for payment. and that was that. I had the delivery from Portugal to the UK in under 2 weeks. shesalady UK I would also like to state the following from my research into hormones for those who like myself want to take the risk of self medicating. Though Estrofem 2mg main ingredient is Estradiol, don't be fooled into looking for Estradiol hormones thinking they are the same thing, though they are cheaper than the Estrofem to buy, the compound is different and a lot of people are not able to tolerate them the same a they do Estrofem. Also taking more is not always better, start on a low dosage and maintain it, make sure your body can handle them, plus your mind too, mood swings can be bad at times. I stuck to Estrofem 2mg daily since June 25th 2016, and as you can see by my profile picture breasts are starting to form. I hope that helps some of you out in some way. All the best Lesley xxx
  9. trans guy talk corner

    Hi Coyote, Hope you not mind me asking, when you say trans guys, do you mean Female to Male? Just double checking as normally Male to Females refer to themselves as Trans Gurls. And whats the bottom surgery your referring to? curious about that. Have a good day. Lesley xxx
  10. Oh! Sorry I actually wasnt referingto your picture. It was the one of the cop.ive ,unfortunatly, had a very bad experience with one who landed me in the hospital then tryed to kill me.Theres crazy people in all walks of life.And I think your picture is cute.
  11. Philadelphia, PA

    Where's the ideal place to have fun with girls and meet lesbians ?
  12. What Are Your Celebrity Crushes?

    Good lists across the board. Some that I like in particular though include Elizabeth Hurley Morena Baccarin Kate Upton Joe Manganiello Mary Stuart Masterson Carrie Fisher
  13. Not one person mentioned Eva Green! She is ALL mine anyways so I'm fine with it
  14. Thank you :D glad to be here, though I am a little homesick. It's a gorgeous placethoughand there's always the happy reminder than New York City is only about an hour away.
  15. My hair is on fire, so i'm holding my breath. It really makes it go out. Works every time I try it.
  16. Uk?

    Hey lesely, You are beautiful! Get over it (::
  17. (Fresno) Looking for bi sexual females

    Oh girls. Wish I could cross . Any one from CA. NA. DA ?
  18. Just curious. With that pic. Ture. What lol are you trying to acomplish?! REALly
  19. First, let me welcome you to the great Metro NYC area! I live in East Harlem and can be in No. Jersey within a half hour. Would like to keep discussion open..................Janet
  20. One of my best friends has been cheated on and is still continuing with the relationship. I have a hard time biting my tongue about the issue, especially because when he talks about her it's blatantly obvious that she's cheating on him again. It's a difficult thing to deal with, especially when you're completely devoted to a person. If you're in a relationship and you're so desperate you turn to someone else, then perhaps you should consider moving on rather than cheating and hurting whoever you're with more than you ever would by just breaking up with them.
  21. Currently listening to music whilst stressing out way too much about writing this introduction... Less than a month ago, after driving for three days with two overly hyper dogs in the back of the car , I officially moved to New Jersey. So I am completely and utterly new to all of my surroundings as of now and am in desperate need of at the very least a friend. My rules for this are none, except that please oh please tell me that you like to dance. I've had way too many awkward times with my friends where I've started to wildly dance in public while they refused to join me. Cowards. (I love them all despite this) About me though? I'm an artist. I draw and I write, all the typical stuff. My favorite character of all time is The Joker. I have posters on my wall and everything. I'm ashamed for not being ashamed. My favorite author is Albert Camus, currently reading about four of his books at the same time (The Plague, The Myth of Sisyphus, The Rebel and A Happy Death). I'm currently in my second year of college, pursuing a degree in Photography. My favorite foods are all things I can no longer eat because my body hates me and I'm allergic to gluten. Luckily for me though I can still drink soda, which I could not live without. So, basically i'm a gluten free artist with an addiction to Dr Pepper who has two dogs, loves batman stuff and philosophy.
  22. Every time I tend to like another lady they don't want something serious. They end up using me for gifts because I'm too nice. My name is Amanda, I live in California. I'm open to long distance and just want to meet someone who likes me for me. That won't hurt me.
  23. Anyone who is not real would never agree that they are not real because they are not real. Real meaning accepting oneself within themselves and not being afraid to show others who they REALly are. No fakiness , no ass suckin , currying favor or pretention. Just pureunadulterated self. With all the flaws, hangups and whatever, that we , as a human species ,have. Only through acceptance can we improve ourselves and move toward being a better person . Denial gets one nowhere. Fear drives denial. To get rid of fears ,put them into the light,. See and accept and they will disapate into nothingness . Be brave.
  24. Family disowns you

    If the family decides that is their path, why stay in an environment where one is not welcome? My family has disowned me, so i left. Ironically, they only want me in their lives when they need something otherwise i do not exist to them. Situation solved, i moved far enough that their crap does not affect me anymore. My chosen family is tighter than blood will ever be.
  25. I can understand what youre going through . Ive recently had a knee injury and then a foot injury and havent been able to walk for over 4months,just hobble around the house. I swear Ive got calluses on my ass! Ive gained 30 pounds and from my moms genetics, it goes sfraight to my belly! Most women put it on evenly which is nice. My ex was overweight and I loved her body because it was a part of her. The best advice I can give you is to be active,starting slow and easy. A half hour walk a day will do wonders. If you have trouble walking, then moving around in a pool is also very good and doesnt put a strain on your joints. Thats the best for very overweight people. Join a water aerobics class.At some they even put the price down for low income people. This should go hand in hand with wise eating choices. Investigate on the net to get some good ideas.I personally would recomend not having more than 2slices of bread or 1cup of pasta a day. And eat 4little meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels up. To get yourself going, draw up a plan of action and everyday imagine yourself with a slimmer body and always think positive! No matter what anyone says.thinking positive about yourself will draw positivity towards can do it . Just be stubborn and put your mind to it! No matter what. This is you . This is your choice. Choose well. ((:
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