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This is what I'm thinking !!!

"If you want do anything worthwhile today, 'do it' with a woman, by a woman,to a woman"


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Hi! I'm Taz. I identify as a Femme-Dyke with disabilities. I've basically been "coming out," for a second time this year. As kinky, but also, "coming out," or perhaps, "coming in," to my local queer community after over a decade or so on the margins of both queer and straight worlds. *pause* Needless to say, like all queers from the margins, my perspectives and experiences will be different from those who have lived within the community.

To describe me in a nutshell, I'm basically a gay and hyperactive version of Maggie from Secretary.

I have disabilities that affect both online and offline communication and won't be hanging around the forums chatting with folks, as they basically "play to my weeknesses." ((So I'm putting more detail into this post. ))

I am gay myself but pro bisexual dykes and transexual lesbians. I only date female identified or Butch identified females and am not into men, born or created. ((That's not meant to insult, it's just being upfront and straight forward.))

If you want to connect with me one on one, feel free to email me.

*wiggle and a wink*


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Just saying hello. Just joined, and looking forward to getting to know some of you :wink:

Sweetness & Light, GlitterFemme xo


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Greetings! Feel free to say hello to me.


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here i be. a poly, pervy, artsy, right brained dyke. nice to meet you.

hospital sharps gopher by day, emerging choreographer by night. which leaves tonnes of time to make new, ahm, friends *wink*


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Hi folks, just wanted to pop my head in.. all you butches who appreciate a plus sized femme.. drop me a line..

I am leather n ' kink positive Butch lover, who has a deep appreciation for neds/geeks/brainiacs.. cheers MzJane


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Just wanted to say Hello I'm Donnabelle from Vancouver Island, I'm 28, Bisexual polyamourous mother of two boys. I am currently in a monogamous relationship with a wonderfull man who has allowed me to explore my needs and grow as a person
I have a variety of interests in and out of the bedroom and i am an open book. I am openminded and easy to talk to.
I look forward to being on the forum ....thanks!

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