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US - Wisconsin - Milwaukee or Madison

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Yay for a bad pic of me ^_^
I lust for the wind and the flurry of leaves
And the perfume of flesh on the murderous breeze,
The learn from the Dark and the voices Between,
This is my Will . . .

~Cradle of Filth - The Forest Whispers My Name


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I have no full faced pictures because there is no need to see my face. I just want to give a small taste of me...my lips. I am the person everyone wants to get to know. A cool laid back dom.
Come get to know a real dom.


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Oddly, I live in both Madison and Milwaukee. =)
Buuuuuuriiiiiiitooooooo! - Gir


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wow, I'm blind as a bat. I swear I looked for a milwaukee posting two or three times.

anyway, this is my photo.
Peace out.


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Here I am..small but mighty..heh. :) Hopefully this shows up.


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I'm actually living in Sussex right now...but yeah, that's me to the left.


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<---- There I am, all cleaned up.


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Here :D


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Well, not quite Milwaukee or Madison, but definately within driving distance. Hi All!

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