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US - Washington state - Seattle or Tacoma

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I'm single, attractive, athletic. I love to golf and I'm looking to meet others that would be interested in getting together to go golfing. My other interests include: outdoor activities-hiking, camping, fishing, boating, bowling, tennis, gardening, art, museums, concerts/music, wine tasting, special events, flea markets, garage sales, weekend road trips, travel, reading, antiques, cooking, comedy and much, much, more.

I am 5'-5", 118#, slim/toned, athletic, olive complextion, green eyes, straight,brown hair with blonde highlights, attractive sporty/fem.

I'm looking for a woman who takes pride in their appearance, feminine, attractive, slim/toned and athletic, professional, independent, financially and emotionally stable, posses a great sense of humor, has a sense of self, sexual/sensual, sexy and can communicate their feelings both good and bad. They are loyal, honest, faithful and committed to their relationship thru the good times as well as the bad. If this sounds like you might fit what I'm looking for then please contact me. I hope to hear from you soon! :P


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Hi! I've been on lesbotronic for a year or two but just now put my picture up! (Yes, I'm very picky, hence my not having shacked up yet with some gal who would cause me to discontinue my account here...but aren't we ALL picky? Hmm?)

Anyway, just wanted to post to let all y'all Seattle area ladies know I'm alive and kickin and still looking for coffee dates (or tea or a night at The Rose or...)

Oh yeah, and the requisite personals info:

-- 5'10", slightly athletic build (mostly I'm a skinny girl but I do bust my ass in the gym)
-- I love filling out peronals ads. Heh.
-- Sarcastic sense of humor tempered by a heart I'm told is intensely compassionate by those who can see it on my sleeve.
-- Chocolate eyes, ever changing haircolor.
-- Twenty four solar years in this body so far (not counting my natal period!) and hoping for at least twice that many more. Ideally with a harem of nubile young women at my command. ;)
-- Great communicator, constantly self-searching, analytical, passionate, eclectic, intense, stubborn/determined...hmm, don't want to give away everything in the interview. Give me a yell and I'll tell ya anything else you want to know about me. I promise. Just ask.


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Posted ImageI'm Vampyrbrat, see my journal at http:psyabsinthe.journalspace.com :twisted:
*To believe is very dull. To doubt is intensely engrossing. To be on the alert is to live, to be lulled into security is to die. - Oscar Wilde*To be great is to be misunderstood. - Ralph Waldo Emerson*


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Hi my name is Christy. Im bi and i do have a boyfriend. We have a wonderful son together hes almost a year old. We are searching for that sweet bi girl that is interested in being with a couple. We are from Puyallup. if you are intresed please reply. im not sure how to post a pic but if you go to the url above you will see a pic of me



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Hi ladies!

I am smart, beautiful, bi, interesting, open minded, thoughtful, caring, responsible, a work in progress, positive, healthy, very honest, curvy, passionate, generally happy, driven, a recovering perfectionist, and feminine. I love to meet new people, travel, explore, golf, go wine tasting, canoe, take walks, snuggle, laugh, read, have sex, listen, talk, give, indulge in simple pleasures, and so much more. Frankly, I'm happy doing just about anything, as long as I'm in good company (myself included). Just so we're clear, I'm happily married to a wonderful man who supports my friendships and sexuality wholeheartedly, but I am not looking to involve him in our relationship in any way, nor do I want anything physical with your man. I'm happy to answer any and all questions as completely and honestly as possible, so please don't hesitate to ask! :D

I’d love to hear from you if you are a woman who is…Honest, a giver, intelligent, inquisitive, drama-free, not judgmental, a wonderful friend, loves herself and other women, mentally and emotionally healthy, does what she says she’s going to (not flaky), treats herself and others with kindness and respect, practices random acts of kindness on a regular basis, mature, and chooses friends based on shared interests and chemistry, not age or other numbers. You should also desire a strong, loving friendship and maybe something physical if we are lucky enough to share that kind of connection.


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Okay, now we've got this figured out. :)

If you want a really good time (yes, I mean a REALLY good time) and lots of laughter, look me up. Then down. Then up again. ;)
You had me by the labia.


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well, let's see, i am not big on talking about myself... i will be 28 in march, i live on the very outskirts of the city, close enough to see it, but far enough to not be it. i am the only lesbian in a house full of gay men, so some female companionship would be greatly appreciated. i love my boys, but there are some needs they cannot take care of. i have shoulder length brown curly hair and brown eyes. i am a little on the chubby side, but i am active and very healthy. i am of middle eastern/caucasian descent. i do admit i smoke and drink socially. i am a human rights activist and i am the volunteer program manager for a non-profit that operates out of the lgbt center in capitol hill. if you want to know more, just let me know...
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Replies sure are fun! Posting this picture was not!!! I have conquered the mystery called Avatar...


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ExCali girl, Iv'e been up here about a year now and haven't really met very many gyrlz just yet and I am definetly ready! I'm a femme with a touch of tomboy who is looking for a femme/tomboy type and/or cute tomboy type. I love sports,music,movies,art and of course the ladies.I find woman very beautiful, intriging, their great friends and are loads of fun to be around, so give me a jingle if you would like to chat, show me around a bit and maybe get to know each other.
Luv Ya
Originally from northern california,I am 5'5" strawberry blonde green eyes, exceptional pierced
breast, cute tush, tatoos &
peircings. I love women,
I love their smile,eyes,lips,their touch & everything in between.


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Seattle gal, born and raised. I'm sort of a tomboy type,..much more femme than butch. My profession is my "athletics"...its great to wake up every morning knowing my hobby is my living. :D

I like hanging out, dancing (but not clubbing too often in a week!), strolling through bookstores or walking through a mall, Archery, and collecting multi-cultural swords and blades. I'm perfectly comfortable hanging out in my PJ's at home as well as getting out on the town. I like to have fun when out on the town, but I'm not an "all nighter partier" type of person. I'm a science channel/history channel/discovery channel freak, and I'm mainly tuned into those TV channels when I actually get to watch TV.

I'm a fun-loving person,...while being considered a "creature of habit" by friends, spontaneity does rear its head with me sometimes! I've got a dorky sense of humor, am passionate about my goals and dreams, and always a "student" of life. My ideal partner would be someone similar.

Looking forward to hearing you!
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