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US - Washington state - Seattle or Tacoma

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"The truth is rarely pure and never simple." -Oscar Wilde


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hey lasses. my name is Liz and i am at the Evergreen State College in Olympia. i hope to Jesus maybe i come across a girl that i hit it off with through here! i have the hardest time meeting girls. i am on the rowing crew.

i am bisexual, as i said in my profile, and i am hoping to meet a cutiepie girl somewhere close by. don't hesitate to get in touch!

here is my contact info:

*aim - emclaren1981
*yahoo im - elizabeth_mclaren
*msn messenger - elizabeth_mclaren@hotmail.com
*myspace - http://www.myspace.c...lizabethmclaren
*my photos - http://photos.yahoo....izabeth_mclaren
*my email - 81mclaren@gmail.com

let's chat! 8) [/i]


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Ok here goes.

I am so not used to these things. I am 24 currently living in Aberdeen, west of Olympia. I am moving north in the middle of June 07.

I came out as lesbian about two years ago, and this is all still alittle scary for me. Alot of the friends I had before don't really talk to me now, and I want to meet some women that I have more in common with. I am as active as I can be living where I live and some would say I have a bit of an activist mentality. I plan on continuing to be active in the LGTB community as I move. I hope to plant my roots somewhere around Bellingham.

Music is a big part of my life. I sing and play piano (sort of). I also enjoy history and camping, and I have combined the two by participating in a medieval reenactment group called the SCA.

I enjoy just spending time with friends. My favorite hangout has to be someplace like Applebee’s, where the environment is friendly (and not too loud), the food is good, and I can relax and have a drink.
Jennie Rebecca
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Um.... well here I am! I feel weird posting photos I guess (the avatar is me though) but if anyone wants to get to know me they can certainly have some. I'm living in Tacoma though I'm in St. Louis right now for a summer job. I'll be back soon and I'll be there for the next 3 years at least for college, probably longer. So anyway I'd love to hear from someone here.... later!


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Hello, I'm michelle. I currently live in bellingham but I go home to renton a lot because I miss my mommy. I'm 19 this December and I'm bisexual. The best way to describe my personality is kind of like Tila Tequila without choosing the guy at the end! (Dani = 10 times hotter) I'm pretty out going but I'm also really chill. I like to hang out a lot and go dancing or see movies, pretty much anything as long as it gets me away from my room mates ^.^
I am majoring in Japanese and getting my TESOL cirtification so that I can teach english in Japan or Italy or anywhere some day but I'm also minoring in Theatre because I really want to be a voice actor.
If you're interested send me an e-mail!

<3 Shell


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I just uploaded a photo yay


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Hello Ladies,

I just joined this site :) Check me out!!


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