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Hey ladies!

It's Ariana here... read my profile below:

Hi, it's "domminx" from Lesbotronic (aka Ariana),

Meet the ultimate insomniac! Thought since I woke up at this ungodly hour & couldn't sleep after a hot shower, I'd send you an email...

I'm 29, thin but athletic, long black hair w/red streaks around the face, I sport a European face w/high cheekbones (I'm Russian & German), a few tattoos, couple piercings, look "rocker" feminine (black eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, loose pants or short skirts, studded belt, leather jacket, combat boots - to sum up my style choices in a nutshell), but definitely can go for a stunning long skirt w/heels to a bar, restaurant or just a night out (or a night IN, for that matter). I'm extremely "out", but can be discreet if necessary. I grew up in Chicago, lived in Los Angeles, travelled the West Coast, Vegas, Mexico, Arizona, much of the Midwest & a few states here in the eastern part of the US. I've been gradually making my way from one coast to another for the past 10 years. I haven't made it to Europe (yet) *smirk*, always wanted to do the backpacking thing, but I don't know if I ever will.

I love all sorts of things; music (anything but country, I love old school punk, underground techno, ska, hard rock, alternative rock), dancing, good food (I'll try almost anything once!), getting pretty, looking mean, good conversation (intelligent or otherwise), get-togethers & parties, social drinking here & there (I really don't drink too often), I smoke cigarettes and like smoking the green as well (might as well just be brutally honest here). I LOVE MOVIES, all sorts of movies! My favorite kinds are cult flicks, horror movies, film noir (Coen Bros. rock!), love Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan, some Woody Allen, love movies that make you think (like "π") <--- that's pi, but if you ever go looking for it in the movies store, it's under "T". I love most any movie that embraces the gay community in any fashion. I'll actually watch the tear jerkers & get misty sometimes *rolling my eyes*. Oh yeah, & I love tastefully made lesbian bondage flicks (oh my YUM). I write dark, lyrical poetry, work-out while I watch TV or listen to music, sit on this freakin' computer TOO MUCH "somebody get me outta here..." My cat's name is "Kitty", my roommate's name is Bobb (yes, he spells it w/2 B's at the end) and I don't have much stuff cuz I'm not into having a material ball and chain. I'd call myself simply complicated, happy where I stand, good-hearted, sexy (and very experienced w/women), loyal, intelligent and I'm gonna stop now cuz I'm starting to sound conceited.

I'm looking for new people to hang around with right now, email, telephone, restaurants, bars, my house, your house, whatever... Who knows, maybe I'll find a hot steamy romance w/a great woman & we live happily ever after, LOL, yeah, and we'll win the lottery, too... might as well make my dreams monumental. Nah really, for now, I'm just looking for good friends or good sex or a mixture of both & just see how & where it goes & have fun with it!

Well, this is long enough. I really hope to hear back from someone who wants to have fun & hopefully more evolves... till then, I'll be here & there, waitin' for my girl.[/url]


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I'm new to the Shenandoah Valley and looking to meet some new women. I'm a friendly, attractive 40-year-old woman who enjoys reading mysteries, travel and art. There's more information in my profile if you want to know more. Elizabeth


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Hoping there are some more people in my area! I'm not sure what to say that wasn't already said in my profile... but if you have any questions... feel free to ask. Can't wait to meet some new people! :D


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You have a gorgeous heart, I think you may have Forgotten to mention that part. To be so diverse you Seem to know exactly who you are. Im brandi i'm also from va right outside of richmond. I couldn't help notice how much we have in common. Just looking for someone to talk to, but i'm open for anything. Would really like the opportunity to get to know you more.

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