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US - Texas - Austin or San Antonio

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There wasn't a forum for Houston, so here I am in Austin. 8)
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Ack! You're right, there was no forum for Houston. Supposed to be, intended to be, but wasn't. Oops. But there is now. You can leave yourself here in Austin, if you like, but please put a post in Houston as well, ok? Thanks.


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I Know there must be other folks out there. Maybe they don't know to come here? :shock: Hope to hear from wimmin soon :) Faith


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This is moi! :)
That's the ugliest car I've ever seen...It looks like a jukebox.


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it would be fun to talk, flirt, and see if we want to come back for more??? yes. that's it. my signature. throwing it out to the universe to see what the boomerang brings back. is it you??? let's see. feistygal.deb


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Ok trying to post my photo. I hope I did this correctly. I actually live in San Angelo at the moment but won't be here for long. San Antonio is the closest large city to me I believe so that is why I have posted here. I also have more photos if anyone is interested. And am willing to send out sexier ones to those who request them nicely LOL.. Wink


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Just wanted to say I posted my picture and hope it turns out. Hugs and kisses ladies
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hey there. there wasnt a listing for corpus...so here i am


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'Tis I!

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