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US - Ohio - Columbus

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Here's me! ^_^


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well, i couldn't find a picture small enough to post, but i have a few pics at the following address:


...and i'm in dayton, not columbus. :)

p.s... (a little while later)... as you can see, i was able to find a pic small enough to fit on here, which was pretty tricky! you can still go to that site if you want...


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I'm Melissa and I acutally live in Dayton. I couldn't find a picture and make it small enough to fit the 6k min. Soooo.. I have pics at www.myspace.com/usedandnew
Or IM me at beatyerheartout8 on aim.


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hope you all like! ;) i'm just south of akron and just north of zanesville in the small town of coshocton.


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well, hope you all like
Expect the worst, and the you won't be disappointed...


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Well this is me and I'm not really in Columbus, about 15 minutes away...hi everybody have a good one! :twisted:


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This is me, I live near Dayton. Add me on MSN messenger(whitefang@woh.rr.com). :wink:


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Hugs :) I am close to Columbus, Grove City actually, but basically suburbs. Hope to make some new friends, just moved here!

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