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I'm Alison
I have a sexy ass girlfriend
Her name is Stephanie
I am still in high school
I am super cool
here are some pictures of me
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and here is a picture of me with my super hot girlfriend

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I love her
Shes going to be my wife

but we aren't married yet...


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I'm really interested in Victoria Secret catalogues. I also enjoy
turning the air down to 58 degrees on nights when Alisa has to work I
frequently stick my finger in Christie's nose. Occasionally I will sit
topless, on my roof. I have sex a lot, nowadays. Only with one person,
though... I'm a punk, not a whore. I like having conversations with Patches,
my girlfriends cat. I find it amusing when people fall down the stairs.
Robbie thought I was Patches, once. Have you ever put tape on the bottom of
your cats feet? Try it.

I'd probably describe my music preferences as very
liberal-like power to women music. Very Lilith Fair. Well, then again... I
like almost anything with a chick lead. K's Choice and Noe Venable are my
current shit. It changes weekly, though. Same goes for movies. If a
movie has a tough girl in it, I'm gonna be sitting on my couch every night
drooling over the images on the screen. Can't you just imagine... Hard-ass
woman all hot and sweaty, wearing a tight and dirtied wife beater that shows
off her gorgeous breasts. Hell yes!

My name is Fawn.
>>CFFO 9-24-02<<


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Spontaneous adoration is the best feeling don’t you think? The kind of attraction where you don’t expect it but it turns out to be there? That’s what I want. The kind of attraction that hits me low but brings me high. A different kind of thinker I am, dumb I am not. Young I am, immature I am not. I am an 18 year old, fun loving and direct young woman that enjoys curling up with a book while listening to some Vivian Green, Toni Braxton, Boney James, Elvis Crespo, Green Day, Maroon 5, or John Legend. I want to be held like a lover on a sultry midnight stroll even if it’s in middle of the day. I am 5’3, 147 lbs., with dark brown eyes, caramel skin, and brown red hair at my shoulders. In my opinions words can describe but pictures can tell so view the picture. I am looking for a friend first, relationship if it comes to that. I want someone who can kick back with me when I’m a relaxing mood but can keep up with me when I’m on the go. Someone who can goof off with me but knows how to act in certain situations (don’t come to me asking to “embrace” but don’t go to the President with a long series of high fives and Ebonics as your language of choice.) I want someone who can talk with me about the differences between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X but also the similarities of Donald Duck and Daffy Duck (or something equally ridiculous). I don’t expect much except to be respected and never lied to, add the ability to make me laugh and we may have something special on our hands.


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okay i hope this takes. i've had the worst time with technology today.

I'm Renee. 32 from Bloomington, IN. Profile on lesbotronic main site. Hope to meet you soon!


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Hey, Im Tiffany, im 18 and live in Anderson. I'm a senior in high school and i an a huge fan of music. I am hardcore into the 80's and love Duran Duran. I have a tattoo on my left wrist and am currently single..


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my name is kelli and i'm 20 years old. just turned in december. i'm newly single and looking for a relationship. i live right around gas city. email me if you are interested


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so yeah thats me.....Im katie in case you didnt know....Im my own person...I love music, coffe, and kittens. wierd combo i know.I like girls.....with short hair for some odd reason...I dont know why I just do....like that punkxrawkxgurl...yeah shes hot...Im tired and really bored....add to my yahoo if you find me interesting....its...justwannalive05...okay well im leaving now....bye![/img]


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thats me.

and my homepage: www.myspace.com/patheimathos .
Make me a mask So I can laugh 'Till night time comes
...So I can last 'Till the right time comes
A tear in my eye To light I fly An end is beginning
-Fleetwood Mac-

Blazing Horizons

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I have completely exhausted all my intelligent and witty quips trying to fill out my profile, so I don't have much to say here. Except I hope there is a good number of people closer to my age group. I am all for sexy 19 year olds, but I am figuring I'll have better luck if there are some 30-40 year olds around, too. LoL Here's a few more pics...
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