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hoping to meet some amazing women.


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I'm new to the area and looking for someone fun, passionate, exciting (in all kinds of ways)... if you're interested, please email me (:


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Hi, I'm new to lesbotronic, seems like a cute website.


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Hi Im new^^ This seems fun and a good way for me too meet someone.


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Hi, ladies! What a fun website!
I'd love to meet a femme who is sweet and down to earth. Feel free to e-mail me! :)


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I'm a bisexual married lady in an open relationship, and am looking
for playmates...

I'm also a dancer and choreographer, and I work webby job so I don't starve. I'm currently sporting a mohawk, and am on the androgynous side - though I've been known to wear a dress and even lipstick on occasion. I love music and have ecclectic taste, but way deep down I'm an indie rock gal. Um, I read lots of novels and hi-falutin magazines like harpers and the new yorker. I've got 3 tattoos (I'm limiting myself to one every five years so I don't end up completely covered). And I'm just generally fantastically interesting and sexy.


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:) Hoping to meet some friendly, loving, and caring women in here.


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Alright So I've been in Frisco since the beginning of January but I finally got a weekend to spend on Castro just last week... I am interested in meeting any women for anything. You want a friend to go to the bar with or go out dancing? You want something more? Well I'm just looking to have a good time on the weekends because I work full time during the week... Feel free to e-mail me


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Hello universe

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