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Hullo hullo!

New to the site... And new to San Francisco! I've only been here a few months, and I'm looking for new friends to hang around with, date, be groovy, whatever. :)

E-mail me or PM me if you'd like to chat!
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Since there isn't a central California, I guess this is a close as I get. Looking to meet interesting women here.



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NOTE: I am much more butch these days.. sorry the pics are all femme'd out.. ewwww

I live in humboldt county Calif. 200 miles north of san francisco. We have the tallest redwood trees in the world. I love to garden. here is an old picture of mine. I presently take care of an 83 yr old woman. Her daughter has allowed me to turn her moms 8 acres into a farm with over 35 fruit trees and another 100 berry bushes. I also have veggies. http://www.angelfire...apa0/my_garden/ the pics are from last yr. When Joan passes i will be the future gardener caretaker. I love to work. I love the woods. I love gardening. What is happening there? oh here is a few pics of me.

Oh I am Danielle a 7 yr post op. http://hometown.aol....daniellenew.jpg <<< me in 2003
http://texas.mygayda...nielegrl264.jpg <<< me is 2000
http://www.laspilita...ood_Forest.html <<<< where i live in california redwood forest which is basically hippyland USA..

Get back to me If you want to know me more... bye Danielle

PS: I am allowed to have a soulmate stay here with me. If you love having home grown veggies and fruits and love the tall trees and cool summer nights and hot summer days and it never freezes here in the winter time and i have citrus and many other exotic plants then you would love it here..Joans daughters have their own 80 acres and 50 acres nearby but not so close as to get visits but maybe once a week. Life is good and oh i am also a womyn who needs the love of another womyn to make me function initmately. I always say if the light doesn't go on upstairs it surely won't go on downstairs. :) So i hope we can get to know one and firstly become friends. There are also many many job around here if you seek one..this area is full of hppies from the 60's who grow pot and they don't want to work in town. The businesses in town are dying for workers.. ok enough for now and even if you are not intersted in me i still may be able to help you relocate to here but i do live and work stealth. Oh yes i have been celibate since 98 when i had SRS because i just never found someone who wanted me for love versus just wanting me for sex.. there are wayyyyyyyyy too many of those girls.. ewwwww ... i am very very monogomous... hmmm maybe thats why i have been single so long... but hey ... you gotta be true to self :)


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I just wanted to add my pic ( a rather tiny avatar).


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Hi from Berkeley.


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Hola bonitas! Im Ashley Blair looking for girls who want to hang out or maybe more & have some fun preferrably 18-23 msg me if ur interested

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Just posting my photo for the interested women;) Hope to hear from you soon
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I'm just saying ...


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Hello hello hello! I'm fairly new here. Looking to meet that special someone. Hope I find her. :wink:


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Hi, I'm located in the Peninsula.

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