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Im a recent transplant from Philadelphia. Moved out here to be with my girlfriend and thus far enjoying myself. Looking for friends to hang out with, go shopping, movies, dance classes, poetry slam, etc. Lets hang out!!!! :)
Sometimes you stand on the edge of a cliff and you jump. You jump because you're tired of being scared. Sometimes you jump just to feel the fall


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Hello ladies... :)

Just introducing myself and adding my photo.



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Hey everyone... I'm here in LA until Aug.5, so if you want to get together, just find me :lol:


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Well, yes, this would be me. I actually live quite a bit East of L.A. in Chino, home of the world-famous prison. :) I'm limited in distances I can drive because I have Multiple Sclerosis and get tired easily, but I'm most certainly not dead. :wink: So if you're interested and looking for a friend or a friend , let's get to know each other!
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I'm a 38 yr old out lez, seeking other BLACK womyn ONLY for friendship, hangin out with the possibility of future dating. Prefer womyn in the LA area. Check out my myspace page here to learn more about me: http://www.myspace.com/devo1067


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O right... My name is hailey, I'm a 2nd year college student whose home town is the one and only Los Angeles, CA. I'm just having fun. I suppose you could find out more @ www.myspace.com/hlaws
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Twenty-seven year old drama kid with a penchance for writing comedy and an addiction to brilliantly comic television.

"Remember to always be yourself. Unless you suck." - Joss Whedon


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I never been with a girl before. and im curious.... i like someone feminine like me.....


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Hi, my name is Kristal, and I'm new here.


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Hey ladies! I'm Jennifer. I live in L.A. when I'm in school, near L.A. when I'm not, which I won't be for a few months. I'm a 2nd yr college student.

myspace: Jenn67

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