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Hi! My name is Tracey and I live in Orange County, in Irvine. <3


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im pretty much new here, this site is way confusing or is it jsut me? ill feel like a total nerd if you guys tell me its just ME!!! well i guess i figured it out, i posted a pic ! watch out! :roll:

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Hello, I live in Anaheim, CA.
I am a sexy fun and outgoing Bi Lipstick Femme in to Lipstick Femmes or Femmes. I am in a Polyamory relationship with my husband Damien and I am only looking for threesomes or foursomes with attractive women always have fun with my husband Damien watching and participating. I am looking for a single Bi or Bi curious third or girlfriend for me to share with Damien. My husband Damien is always involved. I am a caring strong woman with a blend of masculine and feminine energy. I am on an awakened sexual journey desiring the experience of wonderful orgasmic release. I am just starting to stretch my bisexual wings and fly. Come join us….

I want to taste your lips. I want you to make me quiver; I want to feel your breath on my lips. I want to make you wet. I LOVE to be seduced. I need a woman who knows what to do with her tongue, there is nothing sexier that a woman who knows how to kiss lips... who knows what can happen, I have been told I have very soft, sweet kissable lips. :P

Kind regards,
strong, grounded, and loving presence transcends traditional standards that create a space which allows the feminine spirit to blossom to its most tasty potential


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hey everyone, i'm really hoping to meet down-to-earth girls in my area....i'm currently in my 3rd yr of college out in Long Beach, so if you live out that way too dont be afraid to talk to me =]


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I curently live in San Diego, but I'm in & out of LA all the time x


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Hey! I am very new (I mean like still-in-the-wrapper new) here. Erm, I'm 19 (no kid/teenage wisecracks please; I will be 20 in September), and I live in Long Beach. So, yeah, leave me a note here or at www.myspace.com/1byttn2shi or www.leztown.com/profile/Ajah


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So that is me, it was taken at anime expo....I am a fox demon. I love foxes and the power and spirit that they have. i consider myself akin to them in some way. If you like the pic and me in general send me a message and we can chat!
I am a fox and I have the cleansing fire in my heart and soul.

When life gives you lemons, use them to make a cocktail with. Screw the lemonade!!


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I'm going to school and living in Santa Monica. I'm looking for a girl or woman to have some good times with. Don't be shy!


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This is me and a blond that I picked up at my friends' Hawaiian themed commitment ceremony. :lol:

(Hopefully, you will see a picture!)


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Me on a trip to New York.

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