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Fat Ephiny

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Can you believe that when I came out to my sister she said, "So, you are like Elton John?!" (Yeah, it was a long time ago, but really....) Am I homophobic if I think that being compared to Elton John is totally lame and insulting?

Should I start a poll?

(And pardon me if variant of this message shows up a few times. I'm not so good with this sort of thing. I think I forgot a subject header and BEING THE FIRST ONE - wee! - nothing posted.)


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I think even though you are a lesbian you can still be homophobic.
For a real long time I was homophobic, only to come to find out it was because I was gay and couldnt accept it. Talk about running into a brick wall.

Coming out is a different ball game. Everyone that knows me know I am but I still have not had the balls to confront my family. I think I was homophobic for so long because 2 of my brothers are. So I dont know.


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Am I homophobic if I think that being compared to Elton John is totally lame and insulting?

No, it makes you normal...


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did you see Elton John in the duck outfit?
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Coming out is such a process. Six years of therapy for depression and 80 lbs of gained weight finally told me I was lesbian whose major problem was her homophobia. I have lost some friends in the conscious decision to be myself, but there is also a sense of peace within that I didn't have before. There are a few final frontiers for me, but now the journey is becoming more exciting than frightening. It just takes time...
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i used to pretend to be homophobic as a defense so people wouldn't think I was a lesbian. I still find myself acting homophobic or nervous when around lesbians. I am afraid I will see someone I know and be "outed" I am still afraid of what people will think. So the most homophobic people are probably gay themselves like me.


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I don't know how I feel. I thought I was lesbian then I back slid to being bisexual . . . I don't come out and announce that I'm into women . . . and I find I talk about cute guys a lot and I don't bring up that I see some cute women (I'm thinking of my work place right now). I made some new friends where I'm working, but I'm a little nervous and scared to say anything. I've purposely let it slip that I like boobs and I see some cute girls, but . . . I don't know if my new friends think I'm really comfortable with myself or if I'm a lesbian/bisexual. Anyway . . . I have told my family and they really freaked out. I think I put in another post that my mom told me she thinks that I only think I'm a lesbian because she feels that I think I can't GET a man. So, I'm now turning toward men because I don't feel that I'm good enough to have a man. *sigh* I don't even really want a man. They are such assholes sometimes and they get on my nerves sometimes. *sigh* Well . . . she doesn't get it. She thinks I'm going to hell too because I'm wiccan rather than the 'all powerful christian.' hee hee hee that's sarcasm! :twisted:
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Its hard to come out when people are against our sexualality when I came out my Dads were very excepting my mom on the otherhand was not.

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