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Kids Schmids

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Fat Ephiny

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For those of you who don't wanna have kids and live in a time and place where there's like, pressure to do so, there's some interesting stuff on Salon. Articles and such.

I didn't link because I haven't read the faq through yet and I don't know if that's kosher.


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The issues around having or raising kids are pretty important ones. I want to settle down with a nice girlfriend, in a little house, with a little yard, and adopt some little ones. Choosing the place to do that would be pretty important also.



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Posting links is cool, Fat Ephiny! Well, hopefully folks can try to keep it topically relevant . . . don't just link to random porno sites or try to promote non-relevant commercial enterprises . . . you know, behave. :roll:


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I wanted to have three or four kids, but the way things are going with me now, I'll probably one have one. I'm 26 right now and I don't have any prospects of finding a man or a woman to start having kids. What about invetro-infertilization (sp?)? Has any one does this and does any one know anything on this topic?
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Hey! I'm 26 and completely single and that's not going to stop me from having lotsa tots, if I want 'em. We could meet a wonderful partner, fall in love, and have kids in two years (28 ) and have 3 or 4 before our biological clocks stop ticking.

I would LOVE to have kids! The only thing that would stop me would be finances and my health. I just saw my baby cousin and she reminded me how much I want to be a breeder. LOL

That's Dandy :roll:
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Good luck to all who want kids. Not a personal choice. I am happy with my cat and dog. Besides, I am not the settle down type. I want to travel and I never live in the same place more than a year (1.5 max). I don't see that changing. I have the perfect career to afford my lifestyle. But even though it is not my choice, I think it is great that you gals want to provide a stable and wonderful home to kids. Do you want your own or do you prefer to adopt? Random question that I have always wondered.
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Hey Teoria,


But even though it is not my choice, I think it is great that you gals want to provide a stable and wonderful home to kids. Do you want your own or do you prefer to adopt? Random question that I have always wondered.

I've definitely thought about it. I'm not sure i'm the "settle down type" either... i like to travel, and my life is quite full... but my partner's definitely talked about kids. sometimes i look around and i see so many kids who don't get what they need -- either physically or emotionally. i try to be a safe grownup for the kids i know, someone who supports them and listens to them but who doesn't have the power to scold or punish. i had someone like that when i was growing up, and i will be eternally grateful! so sometimes i think that's my role it kids' lives... and i think that kids need so many people, you know? different kinds of people in different ways.

on the other hand, sometimes i think about foster parenting, especially with queer kids. there are tons of kids out there who don't have anywhere safe to go. often queer kids who get kicked out of their homes or run out of their communities because of homophobia end up in my city... it's really the only major urban area in the whole of mainland nova scotia (which is geographically pretty big). the local queer youth project matches up homeless kids with queer (or queer friendly) homes, and i've definitely thought about doing that.

on the other hand, i really don't know if i'm cut out for it. not everyone is... anyone else wondering about that?



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I am a true believer in adoption to a certain extent...if you're a fucked up bird...leave the kiddies alone, money and shelter aren't everything...


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I have a 14 yr old son. He is my biological child. Having him is the best, most wonderful thing I have ever done. His father was an idiot to me, but I would do it all over again, just to have my son.
I would like to have one more, but, at 39, I'm not so sure it will happen. I am not in the right place, financially. I will be returning to school and will not have enough time for a little one.
I can see how children are not for everyone, though. My friends have Guinea pigs. I think they are cute and soft. I will never have one because I have no interest. I guess kids can be kinda like that, lol. Don't let anyone tell you that you are being selfish by not having them. Not everyone is capable nor interested in having kids. Some people don't want to expose a child to the atmosphere we have on this planet today. Actually, I think having kids is selfish. You ensure that your DNA continues on, at least for a while. And, hey, they can be taught to do housework. lol.
I think when I am in a better place I may adopt a gay child. I have thought about adopting, but not a gay child until I started reading some of these posts. Thanks for the idea.
If you want to have kids, don't let anything stop you; it will be the most rewarding thing you do. If you don't want to have kids, don't let anyone make you feel guilty about this very personal decision.
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My friends have always joked with me about pulling a Madonna move like The Next Best Thing--having a baby with my best gay male friend. I like good kids and I want to have 2 or 3 some day soon, although I haven't given much thought to the getting pregnant process, I think I'll deal with that when it comes. Does anyoe have children through any of the currently prescribed methods? Does anyone have a good working relationship with their child's father, or even know their child's father?
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