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Kids Schmids

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I have a 15 year old daughter.....She is my world and has been raised around gay, sta8 & bi people....I am glad I was honest w/her about my lifestyle....

She has "gaydar"...I just giggle when she calls me on it....

~Mmmmmm~ Are you butch from head to toe?

Molly J

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We have two. Our daughter is 4yo and our son is 4months. We are each a biological mother and we love our little family and our life together. We live a very ordinary suburban life - some (straight) friends say we are the straightest couple they know! Our donor/dad is a dear (gay) friend of many years and he's a minor part of our family too. Our next move is to talk him into the next one or two!


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Glad to see Im not the only single parent on here or the only parent on here. I have a 2 year old little girl. From a relationship with my best friend. It didnt go well. He left us, got married, and now denies her. But hey people can be stupid. I think the main reason he left us was because he couldnt face having a child with someone he couldnt be in a relationship with or marry.
I do plan on settling down with the right woman one day and having oodles of children weither it be adoption or iis. Since I am 21 I figure I have time. I just hope my daughter grows up understanding and accepting the lifestyle.

B gi ll y

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I am a butch mom with 2 boys 11 and 2yrs old. My 11yr old has never seen me with a man because his father was the last man I was with. My 2yr old was conceived thru artificial insemination. Our donor was my best guy friend. I was with my partner for a total of 5yrs and just recently separated. She is no longer in the picture but the donor being my best friend is. As it's sad that my babys other momma is not involved I feel so fortunate that his donor plays such an active role in both of my boys life.

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