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Fat Ephiny

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Yes, I admit I do like to watch the telly. Same with movies. In order to try to curtail so much viewing - and get outside more - I have come up with a rule for watching. Ya know, for me.

I've decided to watch only things that have lesbians in them.

Thankfully, this has gotten easier in the last few years. I do make exceptions in that to include watching anything that has an actress who is a lesbian (even if playing it straight - hello "Mr. Wrong") or that has an actress who may not be a lesbian but has played one in the past (so anything with Jennifer Tilly, for example, is okay - maybe not good, but acceptable to watch). And I guess I also have to make exceptions for 'subtexty shows', and those 'strong female bonding' shows ... and well, now I'm back to watching everything. Even "Elimidate".

So much for rules - where's the remote!?


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I used to watch a lot of tv when I was in high school but now I rarely watch the telly at all. The constant barrage of commercails and advertising has a mindnumbing effect that I find quite unpleasurable. And besides, even with a billion freaking channels there never seems to be anything "good" on anyway...


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I mainly find t.v. boring and absurd, so I've never really watched much of it. I'd love to see the new series on Showtime called The L Word, which is about a group of upscale lesbians. I'd like to see how the creators portrayed the characters and what kind of depth the plots havem but sadly I don't get Showtime. :(
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I love The L Word. Its such a great show. If u have a chance to watch it make sure you do.

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