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The Time Has Come

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I think Marriage should be available to anyone who wants to enter into the vows and pledges of it.

I don't think it should be a heterosexual thing only (Where it excludes gays, lesbians, and some bisexuals)

Nor do I think it should be a "between two only" union, because that is still VERY excluding to some bisexuals who don't understand why they also can't marry according to their needs.

Why not allow everyone the freedom to marry according to their own nature and heart? It doesn't hurt heterosexual unions. and it doesn't hurt unions of just two.

Why not let it be open for all?


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For the first time ever, a gay couple in the Canadian military was married. It happened right here in my little town of Greenwood, NS. The ceremony was presided over by a military minister who serves several faiths.

The same-sex marriage bill should receive Royal Ascent by the end of next week. It will be law in Canada in no time.


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I think marriage is supposed to be about two peope who love each other making a hopefully permanant commitment to their partnership in a socially recognized way; not about the genders of the people involved.

I also think it's supposed to be about affirming a spiritual union between two people. For those who aren't reliigious civil union may be appropriate, but for those who are- being confined to that because of some sort of gender based social taboo is insulting, like saying the divine is homophobic. As a Pagan I'm also real bent to say that not only should marriage not be limited to certain gender choices, but that it shouldn't be something some reliigions are given the right to do while others are not.

I also think that there's absolutly nothing wrong with the idea of gay people raising kids- I think having loving parents is more important than the gender of the parents, and that kids will wind up with male and female role models in their lives regardless of what the sexes of the people raising them are. The argument that gay people will most likely raise gay kids is absolute hogwash, at least given that almost all the lesbians and gay men I know were raised by streight parents. And, why should it matter? Let the kid grow up and figure out their own personal leanings, but regardless, let the kid grow up in a happy and healthy enviornment.

I also think it's obnoxious that homosexual people in long term relationships are denied many of the social benifits that streight people have, as well as the respect that comes along with such a partnership.

Oh yeah, and Bush is an ASS.

Just my soap box. ;-) Sorry.
"Some might say I will love as long as there is breath in me. I'll care. I say I've been a firm friend. Things grevious, bitter, but know I will love." ~ Sappho


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Perhaps we have not taken the correct legal aproach to the problem. We need to start a grass roots Lesbian/Gay Marriage petition campaign in every community where at least one of us resides. Get as many lesbian, gay, and hetero signatures on the petitions as possible in a one-year period. Then send copies to our all of our state and federal representatives and candidates. Try for a referendum.

Right now, because the gay/lesbian/transexual community is not very well organized at all, the "Moral Minority" has all the high cards and is playing them. We need to organize and loby. We need one ORGANIZED, LOUD voice in Washington and in our States to OUT-SHOUT THE "MORAL MINORITY".

Let's take a page from the 1960's Afro-American book: Organize, activate, loby, go for the referendums, and not stop until it's done :!: [/b]


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I have to say, living in Newfoundland has it's downfalls, but laws against gay marriage is not one of them! A girl I know just got married a month ago to her wife and most of the political hot shots of the province were there to celebrate it with her. :shock:

I revel in the thought that someday, when I have met the girl of my dreams, I will have no problems when it comes to spending the rest of my life with her. :D

Marriage is a right that I think everyone should have access to! I hate the whole thought process that marriage was created for a man and a woman to procreate and live out their "life's duties!" This is bull shit when in this day and age, there are so many gay couples adopting or having children. There is NO proof that a child from two gay parents is anything other than more openminded! And the last time I checked, that was a good thing!
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Obviously gay parents will raise gay children because straight parents only raise straight children.


Oh Goddess that's hilarious!!! My parents are the most conservative, southern baptist, homophobic people I've ever met, and look at me!

Painted Brumby

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Obviously gay parents will raise gay children because straight parents only raise straight children.


Concise, well put, excellent, irrefutable point. Case closed!


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Massachuttes is rated the number one "Gay" friendly place to live. Particularly due to it's passage of Gay marriage. I looked up on Google to places for Gays to live. There were two television shows that brings gay marriiage home for me. When Ellen came out and the entire show was based on what was it like to be gay, about so lootly hysterical . But, the message she was sending was so true on how homosexuals are viewed living their "Gay Lifestyle".

The other I cannot remember the title. It had four clips starting from the 50's I think, moved to real time where Sharon Stone was trying to get pregnant, I think Ellen was in that one to. The first story sums up homosexuals marrrying. Two very elderly women who had obviously been together for some time start at a mive, just sitting close and enjoying the night out. They walk outside and almost hold hands forgetting the time they lived in and how gays were not accepted. One afternoon the one who had the house in her name died of a sudden heart attack. The other was devastated. The women who died had a son she never saw but remembered hearing his mom had a "roommate" comes with his wife andkid, and U'haul. Just starts talking about selling the house, auctionning off her things. The kid grabs a porcelain figure that brings concern from the woman, probably a souvenoir trip theey took.

The guys says she can have the porcelain object and gives her so many days to move out and find her own place. She lives, cutaway to a one room effficiency that was completely bare.


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View PostLise441, on 10 November 2004 - 02:09 AM, said:

I am probably one of the only lesbians here who will admit that I actually favor civil union over legal marriage. I'm not saying that others should not get married if they want to, but for me marriage in the sense of heterosexual marriage is nothing but a huge prom and the entitlement to share debt for the rest of your lives to me. Does anyone else feel the same or agree with some parts?

In the movie "Twilight" Edward is asked by Bella why marriage is so important to him, in her day it meant a girl her age was knocked up. He said, "In my day it was one of the most deepest ways to show the amount of love you have for another person." All the things you say marriage means are in a relationship, married or not. If everything is this is mine and that is your's, your just living together having sex.


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Marriage equality is about waaay more than the right to marry who you choose. And please, I beg you never to use the term "gay marriage"- ever! Marriage does not have a sexuality & the term is used to incite trouble & a negative connotation.

Marriage is the pinacle for LGBT+ rights as they stand now. Marriage, as a civil partnership, gives more than the things that are talked about (tax-related, medical-related, etc).

The biggest outcome of marriage equality will be the fact that it "qualifies" us, gives us a certain "respectability"- which is on par with the rest of the hetero-citizens. This is not to say that our value must be tied to marriage- but more that is a major starting point to place us on equal footing with regards to marriage. It will eventually lead to us having full & equal status across the board.


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