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a few suggestions

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ooo tinker, I like that suggestion.

how about a section for us dykes of colour? i see that you have set up sections to discuss issues around dis/ability, trans issues, sexuality, body issues - so i think one for queer folks of colour would also be important.
"If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive" ~ Audre Lorde



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Thanks, tinker and zami!

tinker - We added a section The 'Water Cooler' which hopefully will encompass random stuff. We also decided (since some of us are women some would say have too many cats!) that Pets could be a category all by itself. As for Arts and Entertainment, I kinda thought Lesbians in the Media would encompass that topic, but if you disagree (like, if you think we need a category for media not involving lesbians) reply and let us know.

zami - We added an "Issues Specific to Queer Women of Color" section. That was an excellent idea, let us know if you like that description. While we're not sure *precisely* what you had in mind, we didn't want to put just "Dykes of Color" because we wanted to make it clear we weren't saying any dyke of color should just go there to chat rather than anyplace else on the forum that interested them.



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By the way, WebMistress, do you have a banner or anything that we can post on our sites to advertise this forum and/or the match service? I'd like to see this thing be the official place to go for us girlies.

Not that you're probably still paying attention to this thread, but we do now! Feel free to spread it around anywhere you think it would attract cool women!



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Filly, You post at Whoosh too? What Screename do you go by there? You might know me as X lol.

I noticed someone described the background as blue? I see it as light gray..is that my computer or did I read wrong lol

So far I enjoy all the forum topics , is there going to be a chat available anytime soon?
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