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Lesbian or not?

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Okay, this is really lowbrow, but possibly fun.

When we've seen queers that have come out or have been outed, it has usually not been a surprise. This is going back a ways, but Ellen, Melissa, k.d., Martina -- who didn't know these people were lesbians?

Surprises do happen, however. For me, it was Portia de Rossi from Ally McBeal and Arrested Development. I had no idea until I saw her and her gf in some tabloid or other.

My question is, is there anyone out there who totally slipped under your gaydar? Who?


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I would have to agree. Portia was a big shocker to me.


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Okay this maybe be obvious to everyone else but Clea DuVal has been in a few lez oriented films...yet to the best of my knowledge she has yet to come out...usually when you see her shes somewhere between femme and butch with her apperance and style and she never seems to have a man on her arm, Im thinking when shes told to kiss all thoseladies on the set she has no problem doing so and probably gets off on it..anyone agree?


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Well I like to think so! Clea DuVall is one hottie!

Fat Ephiny

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I agree that Portia was a surprise. I especially like that Portia isn't her real name. I think it's like Ethel Cumberbund or something. HA!

No clue about Clea.

Being a big lesbo myself I always wonder about the screen smooches - like... how can that not make you wanna just be even a little bit gay?


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Ummm who is Portia? I am apparently not up on my popular culture :oops:
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Fat Ephiny

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Here ya go Carrie...



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Portia? PORTIA?! Hollywood, here I come!!!!!
I used to watch Ally McBeal and wanted Portia (especially with her hair up, for some reason). I had no clue she played on my side of the fence.
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Heather Matarazzo of Welcome to Dollhouse


Cynthia Nixon of sex and the city

those surprised me
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Cythnia Nixon never surprised me at all. From day one of Sex and the City I always said she reminded me of an aggressive femme or possibly a femme-dyke. It's not wonder why she fit the part of Miranda Hobes perfectly :wink:
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