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Hi everyone! Hope you all are well. I just noticed the addition of this new forum, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

My name is Stephanie and I'm a 23-year-old female living in Ohio. I'm an English major at an Ohio university and I enjoy anything to do with books, reading, writing, magazines, music, film, and new adventures.

I just happened to stumble here yesterday and it looked like such an amazing place that I decided to join. I'm hoping to make some new friends or maybe find someone that I really click with.

Feel free to e-mail or message me. :) I'm friendly.
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Hello OneStephanie! I thought I would say hi and also introduce myself.

I'm a 28 y/o black dyke, currently a graduate student in Toronto, working on queer diasporic Caribbean women's negotiations of identity and resistance. Although that sounds really stuffy and un-fun, I really am fun (no really!) These days I spend time watching horrible TV, wondering why it is I am watching such horrible TV (i.e. THE SWAN, need I say more) hanging out with my partner and our cat and dreaming about babies.

I joined Lesbotronic when I was single a few years back, and now still hope to find others in the Toronto community to hang and chat with. I had been taking a messageboard hiatus (I used to be online WAY too much) and hope this experience is better than the last. I'm pretty easygoing, and love to joke around and stuff. I am currently very excited about the arrival of Spring, looking forward to gardening and having summer days to go outside and read. Or maybe watch more TV :wink:

Anyhow, hope to have some great discussions!


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Hi everyone! I'm a GWF from Baltimore, Maryland. I own a small bookstore, and I joined Lesbotronic about a year ago, because it was so different and I thought I'd try it out. I'm THRILLED to have something more interactive to meet folks on!! :lol:

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hello all. not sure about all the abbreviations, but I am a white chick in Nashville, TN. so hi.


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Hello people...20 year old white lezi stuck in the middle of nowhere..looking for friends of like mind...Im an artist, photography mainly...if anyone wants to see my stuff as well as candid photos of myself please go here: http://www.thisxtrag...deviantart.com/
I have tattoos and piercings, my style is a bit of rockabilly/punk and I have crazy hair..all that jazz..I love good music, anything from NIN to Garbage to Ani..I guess if anyone is interested in making a new pal message me..


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Hi girls.

26 yr old from GA. I lead a pretty boring life that consists of mainly my house and things I can do in it to entertain myself. I am currently into casting and making body art.

I am really looking forward to a board where I can talk with other women and have a good time. I am hoping to have a great conversation with all of you!

EmberPhase :twisted: :)


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Have faith all...I'll get this posting thing right eventually.


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How come it will not take my username even though I have signed in like 5 times already?

It keeps giving me the message "Sorry, but this username has already been taken." anytime I try to enter my Username into the post itself.

I don't get it, I am logged in yet my name will not show up, I just show up as "guest" and I can't even get my user name to take in the Post.

Anyone who can help me?



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Howdy y'all. My name is Tiffany from Dallas TX. I've been with lesbotronic about a year now. Used the service to see if I can find a roommate in the area. Just wanted to introduce myself. Y'all have a good day.


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Hello ladies. Im a 19 year old Lesbian from NYC. If any of yall are interested in chating just let me know. Cant wait to talk to you all.

oh and by the way ThisTragicGirl, Those are some wicked pictures on your site.

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