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How about a chatroom?

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How about a chatroom for when we want to pop in and talk in real time? Is it something that could be offered here in the forum? Anybody interested?
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I have to say Tinker, you have a good idea.

I love chat rooms myself, but what I hate more than anything is chatroom trash. People looking to start fights or hoard a room with their little cliques, those looking solely for sexual hookups for that exact evening, or men playing women...poorly. I personally enjoy chatroom conversation when it is actually used as a vessel for conversation and not as a virtual street corner. There is nothing better than unwinding from a long day with good friends and good conversation!

Anyhoo, my two cents is that a chat room would be fun and great if everyone could be adults and respect each other. That is just my take on it, it isn't meant to "down" anyone directly. Please just take it for what it is, a simple "yes, with inspired hopes".


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I think a chatroom would be great. I am a bit of a newbie to chatting, been around a few places, but most of the time I don't have a clue what anyone is talking about. I also agree with previous post that it can get cliqueish and confrontational. It should just be a good place to chat with people. So now I have contributed my two cents and we now have four!

Blessings :wink:


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Yes. A chat room would be very cool.
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I vote Aye for a chat room!
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Thanks for your suggestions . . . but sorry, **standard** style chatrooms have a number of problems, first of all that they tend to attract trolls. Having to have something actually posted out in the open associated with an email address really does cut back on the complete and utter trash. By that I do mostly mean heterosexual men unsuccessfully trying to convince us they're something other than that, usually in an unwanted and sexually harassing way. (If you wanted to, I'm sure you'd all know where to find something like that already, wouldn't 'cha? :roll: ) While I'm sure if I make a sweeping generalization folks could legitimately respond with exceptions to the rule, the LIVE chatrooms I've visited in the past with the word "lesbian" in the title . . . well . . . the term "lowest common denominator" would be overly polite. The forum as is already offers a number of live options and private options (posting your ID for a number of existent IM services, using the Private Messaging Feature, etc.) in addition to the discussions. The forum also offers a way you can self-select by topic while a standard style chatroom would just be a free for all.

They also use up quite a bit more bandwidth than a standard forum, which we currently couldn't afford to do. HOWEVER, perhaps one day if this thing with the ads goes well, and if we work out something where it would be "Members Only" or somesuch, we'll implement one. We would probably consider something that required registration and just for our members in the future, if we could afford it and work it into the existing structure.

I still think such a thing would get troll-intensive really quickly, but maybe there's a way around that, not sure yet . . .


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How about (if you do ever get a chatroom) posting chatroom etiquette? I realize we should all be adults and already know how to act, but.......trolls will be trolls and may need some assistance. Maybe it could be monitored. If a paricular member insists on being a troll, she could be warned once, then kicked off. Maybe some kind of block could be set up so she has to troll someplace else, lol.
Maybe there could be a few topic rooms, to cut down on the fighting. Some butches don't want to talk to femmes, some femmes don't want to talk to butches, and sometimes neither want to talk to any bisexuals. Get the picture? It doesn't have to be as elaborate as Gay.com, but a few rooms may help. Perhaps a room for trolls?? :lol:
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