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Help, um covered suggestion.

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How about a forum for trolls? It would be fun and funny to see them in the open and interacting with each other. :lol:
I am not generally a troll myself (though I think we all have our trollish moments), but I like to troll around once in a while with a likeminded person, just for fun (don't worry, I am not a troll without being asked first).
We would all have to keep in mind that there will be no trolling outside that forum.
Wow! Did I use the word "troll" about 15 times in this short post?
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How about a forum for trolls?

I'm not sure what you mean by trolls . . . but as I've heard it it seems to mostly mean folks that really don't belong in a particular forum/board/list but have signed up anyway (often by disguising/pretending something about themselves in a dishonest way), and/or someone in an internet place not to more legitimately engage in friendly discussion, debate, meeting people as who they say they are, etc., but primarily there to harass legitimate participants in a juvenile or immature fashion. Important to remember that there is a difference between debate and harassment, see our "Lesbotronic Community Guidelines" for more on that. Generally, a time waster for all concerned. Will usually go bother someone else if you ignore them, hence the expression, "Don't feed the trolls." Report them to the admins, but other than that, wasting your time on them just encourages them. Perverse, but true.

For your additional entertainment, just found this LENGTHY discourse on trolls here:

In terms of lesbotronic, the number of trolls (according to our definition) has been very small, but some have shown up. Mostly via the personal ad area, but that could be because it's much older than the forum. Trolls are now why new personals profiles aren't processed instantly, but we wait until we get a chance to scan new "freetext areas" before we match those profiles with others. We haven't received that many, but before we were scanning . . . oh the complaints that would roll in from other subscribers just from one, it was severe. Here are some troll-ish examples of folks we've deleted before their profile ever got to other members:

The Horny Hetero Male Who Apparently Can't Use Google Properly to Find a Site That Actually Wants Him: "I'm actually really a totally non-gay guy, but I think bi chicks are HOTTT HOTT HOTTTTT!!!!!! Could you hook me up with some? Please?"

The Knuckle-Dragger: "You queerbait trash aint goin to heavin, your goin to hell, the Bible says so." (spelling errors included intentionally)

The Spammer - freetext area consisting of advertisement for hardcore porn site, nothing else.

The Totally Insane and/or Totally Drunk - what appeared to be the HTML source code for a personal site about a man and his beagle entered right into the freetext area. No explanation given for this behavior.

So . . . even though they're often funny and make for good stories to tell our friends over brunch, according to our definition of troll, mostly they're a waste of time. Not a big waste of time, just a little waste of time. But people vary in their reactions to trolls . . . I think it depends on your emotional composition as a whole (how thick-skinned you are, especially when it comes to folks you don't know very well) and/or your experience with the internet. Some people get very upset and seem to take it personally when there is a troll in their midst, others find them annoying but mostly just ignore them and go about their day just like they would have otherwise. But we do acknowledge that a troll left unchecked can ruin an environment in terms of enjoyment for more legitimate posters, whether they get upset or not. Mostly because it alters the signal-to-noise ratio in an unfavorable way. Thus, our new-ish Lesbotronic Community Guidelines.

Or, by "troll" did you mean an otherwise pleasant person who posts off-topic? 'Cause we do welcome that, we already have a forum for that, The Water Cooler. Also, if you have an idea for a topic that isn't that "off," but you don't see included yet, please suggest it.

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