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Tipping the Velvet

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Has anyone actually seen the movie version of Tipping the Velvet? I purchased the book some time ago and read it in a day it was so great...just curious to see if anyone has actually paid the $30 to see it or caught it somewhere...


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Yes I have! Its FABULOUS!! If you can find it, get it! I sell it in my store, and its very popular! Its what was shown last year on the BBC, and it translated VERY well to video. I have to say, the BBC did an incredible job of airing this! :lol:
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Yea see I saw "bbc" and became a bit hesitant as to spending the money on it...was afraid it was going to be a afterschool special knock off of cheap british porn...but good to know that someone thinks so highly of it..


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Has anyone actually seen the movie version of Tipping the Velvet?

Theres a movie version!?!?!? WOO HOO!
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Yes, I don't know if you read Curve but they advertise for it often and also sell it for $30...Although Im sure you could find it elsewhere for cheaper.

Fat Ephiny

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I liked TtV. Funny, I'd kinda forgotten about it until I saw this thread. It starts off a little slow but picks up and it wasn't at all the dry soap opera I was expecting. It quite moved me in parts and titilated in others.

Um... not MY parts exactly, but parts of the series. hee


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Yes! Any self-serving lesbian should, without a doubt, see Tipping the Velvet. You can probably even rent it at a queer video store (I did).

The BBC did a kick-ass job. Nan is hot. Its a bit long... but good.


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Wow... this was an awesome movie!! One of the best movies I have seen in awhile. And I agree that Nan is HOT... now I'm gonna have to get the book :D


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I just saw it last week and I'll have to agree with the others- definitely worth watching. Poignant and sad and romantic and hot. I really enjoyed it.


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Tipping Velvet was lovely. The characters were so easily likable. I didn;t know there was a book, that's awesome!

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