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I was, um, kidding. I do that sometimes. Defense mechanism says my shrink. But he's not to swift so maybe I just like to be laughed at?!? Aaagh, self-realization! Is that a word?
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I was, um, kidding. I do that sometimes. Defense mechanism says my shrink. But he's not to swift so maybe I just like to be laughed at?!? Aaagh, self-realization! Is that a word?

My response was more than casual? Maybe I shouldn't thoroughly explain my feelings to the issues as much. :roll: Sorry, depending on mood I could just say "yeah lol", or post what you saw. I guess it wasn't a "yeah lol" day for me. :P :)

It's all good.


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:oops: being shy it's difficult for me to have an "experienced" opinion. I will only know if another woman is flirting with me if she rips her clothes off and starts panting...that's how obvious it has to be. Otherwise, I'm kinda just wandering around with my head in the clouds :lol:

A girl smiled at me the other day. A stranger. I was walking passed her as she was sitting on a seat outside a shopping centre. She gave me a glance and a sweet smile. I smiled back...there was definite eye contact and I continued to walk and sensed her head turning to watch as I walked on. I felt something. Now this may not have been attraction on her part...who knows, all I know is I didn't do a damn thing about it. Later I thought, was she...you know...giving me a look...being shy I will never know these things and it pisses me off. Then I think, "well what am I going to do? Sit next to her and strike up a conversation?" God no.

Oh dear.

Another day in the life of Nic *sigh*

Men are so much more obvious about liking you than women are.


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I guess the "I'm A Dyke" sign is still out of the questio, right? :lol:

I thought that was pretty funny :lol:



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I like your quote to open up the conversation. I don't know how to let you know if someone is flirting or not. You may have to respond to those who are more blunt about hittin' on you. You don't sound like the kind of girl that likes subtleties. :D Okay, I'll let you in on that one. I am flirting with you there!! LMAO
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LOL Pagan,

Thanks for letting me in on that one...hahahaha.

Flirt with me, pleaseeeeeee...maybe I'll soon get the hang of it :wink:

You are right, I'm not good with subtleties, it's hard for me to read the signs due to my "not believing they are actually hitting on ME". I'm better with body language than words most of the time, I pick up on the energy more than what the other is saying. Go figure.

Take care of you

Nic xx


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It's women like you that make it hard for me. j/k!! I have the opposite problem. I'm SOOOO shy that when I like someone, I just smile a lot and hope that they understand. I'm too chicken to flirt (until the ice is broken and then I'm a big harleton HA!). I need a better strategy!

That's Dandy :roll:
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I def sympathize with this conversation...
I've been limiting myself to trying to meet women online because I have no idea how to flirt with guys, much less women.
Plus there is always the chance I will offend a straight girl by misreading her and hitting on her... and I am WAY to new to this to be rudely rebuffed.
I am trying to get out to more lez and bi girl clubs and bars but so far its been safer and easier to use sites like Lesbotronic.
What do you all think the best way to meet women is?
LOL Im sure this survey will be somewhat biased by the fact that you're all HERE already :)
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I'll have to make a vote for "meeting" online. Outside of college or someplace like that where there are groups that ID as gay/lez/bi it's kinda difficult. Work place is a possibility but that always seems frought with pitfalls.
Although my success with using the internet has been mixed, it's been more positive than negative. Getting a chance to chat about some things and swap stories, etc. gives you a good clue about whether someone is an asshole or not. In person there's that chance that you tell yourself, "Yeah, she's a stupid fool, but she sure is cute!" Then you'll be all.. Hello, Regret. Please, move in with me.


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Dandy if you smiled at me, I would probably strike up a conversation with you. I am so shy that I do the opposite in awkward situations so I can get over the weird shy feelings faster. Inside I am dying and hoping that I am not making a fool of myself, but outside I remain calm and collected. I think this comes from being a performer for nearly 20 years. I always feel as though I am on stage. And from performing, I know that stage fright passes once you are on the stage (and if it doesn't then you pass out or throw up on stage...either way, you've broken the ice). :lol: . Just joking, sort of. I mean think about it, what have you got to lose. You probably will never see this person again unless you say something.
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