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I would definitely date a mtf. To me, sex and gender are to totally different things, but only a few can tell the difference. I'm into the female sex and the female gender.


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To reply to Krissy,

I hear you on the not identifying as trans. At this point, I definitely do identify as such, because I am not in any sort of physical transition, so to the world at large I am just a girl with short hair. And it makes situations easier, when I can just say, no I'm not a lesbian, I'm trans. Though, after some hormone treatment I will not want to use the label "trans" anymore.

So, I just wanted to chime in saying that I understand what you mean when you say that. I also think it's a fairly common thing.
But he that dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.
- Anne Bronte, "The Narrow Way"


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Such a beautiful story! ^_^
Oftentimes I wish the rest of the world was as open-minded as I am, but the diversity of the world is what makes it so interesting. Though I think it would be fine for me to date someone who is trasngendered, I guess I can see why someone who isn't bisexual would have difficulty in accepting that their boyfriend/girlfriend is more than meets the eye. Non-bisexuals have made a decision to exclusively date one gender. So, someone who accepts their lover despite blurry gender lines is a really awesome person indeed.
As someone said earlier, if the person you are with truly loves you, they should accept you no matter what! Love is love! =^_^=

"Be yourself. No one else can do it better!" =^_^=


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I have had friends who trans but lost connact with them when I moved from Ga to Tx. I used to loved going to watch them in the trans shows at the Savannah Or Macon "gay" clubs. I see them for who they are not who they were. If you are a mtf then I see as a woman. I haven't slept with anyone who is in the process. Not becuase I have anything against them I don't. I am not saying I would not consider dating one, but myself she would need to be fully transitioned. That is just me, sorry ladies, but I would never turn you away from friendship. You are all wonderful ladies I am sure.


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I'm new to the board and have been prety excited to start posting :D So hello everyone !
I wanted to throw in a little of my own experiences so far. I started hrt almost two years ago now.
There has definately been much to over come, and it has not been an easy road whatsoever.
I'm not sure how I feel about the term trans because I really define myself as a female. Despite this,
I use the term because it helps others have a clue as to what I've gone through in my life.
No matter how much I wish It wasn't, I can't just forget the things I've gone through to get to now.

Unfortunately I can't at the moment afford to get srs done, so I am stuck in a position where, to some
I still have to prove my femininity. I have had conversations with a lesbian cis gendered woman
where she said, "sorry I can't date you, I only date women." and I just responded with a facepalm and
clearly said, "I am a woman!" This is terribly frustrating! I generally I don't have to deal
with these issues, because no one knows I'm trans unless I tell them. Dating is a terribly different story,
as I can't just pretend whats between my legs isn't really there. -.- On the bright side! I'd say a good
amount of people I have dated have not cared, and managed to accept me for the woman I am!
So there Is hope. :) There are plenty of wonderful people out there that will love you for being you!

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It's odd that one can chose to accept all the "odd", "off the wall", things about one's self and then would tell some one else, their "odd, off the wall" is unacceptable.

MTF: if you encounter this, simple shrug it off realizing it's not acceptable to them - but who's life is this anyway? I know some drags and they are lovely people. Ladies, you only get this once. Make it all YOU want it to be!
"If laughter's youth, let's give years."


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I ran across s female on a different dating site and started chatting with her and have lots in common .
After feeling comfortable with our conversations, i gave her my number. She told me she was pre- op
And told me everyone slams door on her. At first my heart sunk. I thought maybe she didn't want to talk
To me anymore. Not the case. Ppl just don't give her a chance when they find out. Their loss! She is extremely
Knowledgeable and so interesting to talk to. She is a babe in my opinion! I decided i didn't care if she
Is pre- op. I love her personality and treasure her friendship! I told her about this website hoping it is
More welcoming towards her. She is an awesome woman to me!

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