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Well I don't know about other places but a few local hangouts in Riverside seem to be The Menagerie (small gay club, more men then women though), Back to the Grind (coffee shop), and VIP, another club except here theres a pretty healthy mix of men and woman.
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Haha! Nice to see another Riverside lesbian! I just moved to the area so yeah, I'm definitely looking for some lesbian "hot spots." I've heard about VIP from a couple of people but they've admitted it's kind of a seedy joint. What do you think? I'll still check it out because I'm open-minded like that. Maybe we could arrange a fieldtrip?

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i use to live in riverside i moved to delware about a year ago... VIP is ok if u dont know anyone.. other than that theres alot of drama that goes on there.. i cant walk in there without 5 chicks walkin up to me tellin me about all the drama thats going on.. i only go friday nights .. i love vanity holston... but yea.. the grind is awesome... ummm try the lark.. i dont remember where its at but its a good bar... theres oasis too!!

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