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Personality or Looks?

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View Postcnthink_straight22, on 20 June 2012 - 01:06 PM, said:

my my ,, i got a feminine body and a masculine heart....

you play guitar...that's awesome I play too :)
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Labels..... who needs them? Everyone one is different or so I've been told and so why categorise ourselves into such generalistic labels??
Sadly the phrase "Just Me" sounds a little dull but in essence it is the truth.


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I think who you are and what you are attracted to is innate in everyone of us. Embrace that, why over analyze it?


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I don't like the descriptive titles "butche" or "femme"...in my opinion, labeling simply categorizes your identity and limits your capabilities...because you've been given a label, you're now forced or obligated or expected to play a certain role...butche women are presumed to be masculine, aggressive, and by all means, "wear the pants" in the relationship and carry out all the duties that an average man would...on the other hand, feminine (femme) women are presumed to be passive, dainty, and by all means "ladylike"...and carry out the duties of the average woman...personality and looks are one in the same because your "inward" persona ultimately impacts your "outward" appearance...subsequently, you look exactly how you act or feel....

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I really do not think we should label ourselves, when we do that, we strict ourselves to what each of those labels stand for, thereby restricting our personality

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