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Well, I haven't been out in Nashville a lot, but there are a few places that are fun to go. There is a new place called the Lipstick Lounge that has really awesome owners, twins Ronda and Jonda and J's girl Crista. The twins used to sing behind Dolly Parton and they rock! The place is just a big house that has been remodeled. They have a nice pool table upstairs (not the quarter eating variety) and a great room with a huge leather sofa and chair. They keep art up all the time, all local artists. Anyway, it's at 14th and Woodland a little east of the city.

As I get more familiar with other places I'll add them to the list.
Anyone else for being out in Nashville?

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I unfortunately can't get out much on my own. I am in college and I don't have a car nor do I know anyone who would be able to drive me anywhere. I would love to get out sometime though.


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My friends and I go out to play a few times a year, it's a gay club 18 and over. Wed is college night if you bring your college id you get in for free and Thur night is ladies night ladies over 21 get in for free if you are under 21 I think it's $5. We usually go as a group just to hang out, have fun and watch the drag show (Wed is drag queens and Thur is drag kings). They also have theme nights or bring in people to do shows. It's on Church street.

Also on Church street is a gay bookstore called Outloud, I believe it's right across from Play, I've never been there so I don't know what their selection is like.

Cafe Coco is on Louise Dr. It's a nice place to relax coffee, tea, and/or a meal and they have free wifi. At night they sometimes have a band come in and they open the bar. They also have really good chai.

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