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Toronto, Ontario. CANADA

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I posted this in the long thread, and thought it should have its own space in case folks want to add more for Toronto.

Also, I'm heading to NYC in a few weeks, and bought the Damron Women's Traveller 2004. Anyone ever tried this? It has a huge US section, and a smaller "international" section, but seems pretty comprehensive for a book that is specific to women.

Anyhow, once I think of more things for the T dot, I'll post them.


So we've got bars and clubs such as Foxy's and Coyotes (previoulsy Pope Joan's), Papi's previoulsy The Red Spot), Ciao Edie's, Crews/Tangos and many others. There used to be this amazing party at Manhattans every Saturday night (mainly black folks, run by 3 black lesbians) but I've heard the party has moved to the Tequilla Lounge and has added cutie DJ TNT. Girl Toronto throws some AMAZING parties in certain spaces around town. Also, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre has some great cabaret and queer theatre performances during the year.

And there is also kick ass slam poetry readings where dykes of colour do their thang (I mention this, as this is the community I'm most linked to). Clit Lit, Sistah Fire and Pussy Pen to name a few. Bookstore are also a good place to hang and cruise, like the Toronto Women's bookstore (many many dykes and great reading series and workshops), This ain't the Rosedale Library and Glad Day Bookshop.

Also sex toy shops - good place to scope out for folks. Good for Her and Come as you Are. During Pride (Dyke March! ) there is a one night only Pussy Palace bathhouse, now that is a place to hang and to meet folks. You know, for friendship AND fun. :wink:

Wicked dyke DJs like Nikki Red, DJ Zarah, Denise Benson, DJ Vashti, DJ Verlia spin amazing tunes and also keep my ass grooving.

I'm sure I've left out a whole bunch of places, and there is also the "gayberhood" (Church and Wellesley), but of course, that space is usually mainly white boys, so if you are of colour/woman/transsexual/transgendered/genderqueer/not super class privileged/not able bodied/young (teens or so), well, it isn't always a welcoming space. But there are some cool joints, anyone else from or been to T.O. have suggestions?
"If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive" ~ Audre Lorde

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