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Serious Issue (for all women)

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Being a Reiki Practitioner I am a firm believer in chakra's and energy. Our entire bodies and being is made of energy, constantly moving, never are we still. You may look at a rock and think "well it's just a rock", but inside the rock particles, atoms, energy is moving at great speed, so great the human eye cannot see it. All is energy.

If I were a super hero, they would call me 'Science Girl'. LoL.

Yes, I understand where you are going and I understand you point about energies, constand motion, etc. Actually, I have dabbled in the energry thing once, although I had no knowledge of exactly what I was doing. I had no idea what it was called or anything like that, I just did it.

I was with a lover, our 2nd or 3 rd date?, and I never physically touched them but they had the best love/sex they stated they had ever had. My hands played in the energy of their face and neck. I could feel it there and they could feel me touching it. To be honest, lol, I have never had someone enjoy my 'lovin' as much as that night and I didn't even touch (um, wow, lol, maybe I shouldnt' have said that :lol: :wink: ). Their eyes were closed the entire time and so they just 'felt' where I was, just about an inch from their skin. It was amazing and exciting to see someone experience such explosive and climaxing feelings from just a play in their energy and no actual touching. Heck, makes me want to never touch again :lol: .


When we contract something, or develop something we often separate it from us, but in truth it is part of us. Energy is energy so it cannot be separate. We separate ourselves from each other, we separate everything. That's why I am going to try and send you what's called an "absent reiki". If you want info on Reiki I'm happy to share. I'm not claiming myself to be a healer and seer of all...I am just like you, but I've chosen to learn about it, so feel free to ask me if you wish. I will only send you one with your permission. It is no one's choice to interfere with anothers energy without consent, so just let me know.

I hope that you will find what you need to heal it, but I will say that the best person to get in touch with your body is you. I'd like to get in touch but that's another story :wink: ... sorry couldn't resist.

Until next time...take care of you and stay beautiful

Nic xx

Send away! I need all the help I can get. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge on the topic. If you have more, feel free to send it to me. :wink: Being as "scientific" as I can, it is hard for some to being that I am so open to outside the box things. But, I have had too much happen to me, and I have seen too much that I can't explain, to lead me to believe in the close minded philosophy "If science hasn't proven it, then it doesn't exsist". LoL. Science can't even explain our bodies and their development to the last detail, so there is no way it can explain the rest of the world and universe too.

Thank you once again. I would love to write more but I have to go find some clothes and get to work before I am late....again. I'll talk with you all soon.

***Hello web hosts....we need a kissing smiley! lol :D

:oX for your Nic. <<


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Our entire bodies and being is made of energy, constantly moving, never are we still. You may look at a rock and think "well it's just a rock", but inside the rock particles, atoms, energy is moving at great speed, so great the human eye cannot see it. All is energy.

Nico, you are so right on! This is why I want to be a naturopath/wholistic healthcare provider. I am taking biochemistry right now, where we made the connection between consciousness and energy. Atoms move almost at the speed of light, which requires energy, so essentially, matter is energy. And consciousness requires energy. Focusing energy on a troubled area, like with Reiki, is essentially focusing your awareness - being in your body. In Tai Chi, your body actually generates heat (I mean, I was barely moving but boy was I sweating) because you're playing with the flow of energy in your body. Heat is a form of energy. Anyway, I digress...


:oX for your Nic. <<

Oh Ember :cry: I thought we had something special. LOL!

That's Dandy :roll:
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Oh Ember :cry: I thought we had something special. LOL!

:twisted: There is enough to go around lol :D


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:P Lets just share the love *lol*
First to Ember. I will send you an "Absent Reiki" and I will let you know when I have done it. Basically I will look at your pic and concentrate on your energy, I will not interfere with anything...*trust me* hehehehe...don't ya love that? But seriously I do nothing without good intentions and Reiki cannot be used in any other way, it's Universal Law.
Believe it or not...Science & Spirituality go hand in hand. It's all good.

So in short, I'll let you know when it's done and if you do not accept it right away, you will accept it when you need it most.

I understand perfectly, your explanation about the energy you gave to the other that you were with. If you tap into it, if you remember what you can give to another with this energy, you will recieve the same energy back inside you, it's a beautiful thing. Go Nuts!!!!

Reiki is unobtrusive, confidential, and by no means sexual. It's pure energy. Known as "The Universal Life Force Energy". I will concentrate on your picture and have a vision of you in my mind, I will then focus the energy in me, in you and hopefully we can have a great exchange. I do not expect you to tell me anything, you are not obligated to me at all. If you feel any change in your body or spirit that is excellent and the result intended. But this is not done for you to "thank" me and for me to go around blowing my trumpet or having it blown for me. Feel free to let me know, or not. It's totally in your hands.

I'm going to try and do it tonight. I'll send you a message.

ur kiss was fine xx



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Hi Dandy :)
It is excellent that you are getting into the field of naturopathy. I fully understand your feelings to enter into it. It's the way to go. We have been given all the tools we need naturally, yet we often go for what is not natural, thinking it is the "best" way. Energy, herbs, nature, it's all at hand, right on our fingertips...literally.
I am not for or against what science/the medical world comes up with but I will always try to do it the natural way first. I've had some great results with people I have practiced Reiki on, the feedback is useful for me in further developing my energy levels. At times, the initial reaction is tears but it is an excellent result because it's overused energy or unused energies being released. Oh shit, I could ramble for ages. But I won't. It makes me happy to know there are people like yourself and Ember out there, tapping into our natural tools of the trade.

It's a pleasure to meet you dandy

Nic 8)


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Pay attention to your bodies. I am 26 and I have osteoporosis, diagnosed 3 weeks ago. I had a 'gut feeling' for years, but no doctor ever even talked to me about the possibility. In the end, I had to strong arm the HMO for the tests, but I was right.

Who would have thought? I am only 26. :cry:

Now I have the choice of making the best of what I can of myself. I am no longer in the dark, no longer at a blinded risk. I have a choice of what I can do for me. I also have the choice of helping others realize the danger, that it strikes even at a young age. I feel it is better to be cautious than to never know until it is too late. I was told that my petite/thin body frame and my fair skin were some of the risk factors. A strong family tie is also to blame.

Pay attention, educate, and protect yourselves.

If you have any questions I can try to help. I am very new to this but I hate feeling alone. Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, and fears.

I am so sorry dear. I know what you are going through. I was just dignosed with osteo 3 years ago along with degenerative disk disease in my lower back and believe me it is not fun. I just started recieving social security disability this year and had to quit my job because standing on my feet for too long makes it hurt worse and I don't want to go through surgeory because they cannot guarantee it will help.Sometimes I wakeup in the middle of the night because my back hurts so bad. I have tried all kinds of pain killers but I am not one to take any kind of pain killer,for fear of becoming addictive.So I suffer with the pain. And sometimes I am in bed for 3 days not able to get out of bed because of the pain.If I would have known 20 years ago that the hit and run bicycle accident did this I would have had it taken care of.The guy that hit me was not found and so I have suffered all these years with my back and now it is getting worse and having osteo along with it is not helping.
So if you get anymore news of it ,please let me know as I am new to this as well.
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I'm 19 and Osteopenic, meaning I'm on the lower end of the chart but not yet bad enough to call Osteoperosis, and I can still fix it.

My family has a history of Osteoperosis and was treated for Leukaemia as a child (many of the drugs used can cause bone wasting, and the whole not eating for a month thing...) so i was lucky enough to have tests done on me quite early, but my mum wasn't, and she's now spending AUS$85 a month on drugs to treat it.

I'm so glad that this topic was brought up because it is such an important thing to watch. And get checked for breast and skin cancer too people, Cancer isn't fun, seriously, I'm still recovering and i came off treatment 9 years ago.
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