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people who don't like the way other people look in public

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People are always correcting me and Im sick of it. I have 6 tattoos, 4 of which are visible because they are on my neck. I am also large cheasted so many shirts look skanky on me because I refuse to wear a baggy shirt that makes me look heavier then I allready am. I am pretty short to so even if I get my pants hemmed they still drag on the ground or they are too short and show my ankles and socks. The point is, is that I cant change who I am. I am who I am and thats how I will always be. People will always look how they want to look, how they feel comfortable looking, no matter what anyone tells them. I might be alone in this but peoples's appearences dont bug me at all. I always see their personality first for some reason.


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Well, I consider myself a Butch. I think the reason some women walk around dressing like that is because they LIKE IT. I personally dress like a guy to simulate one. Its kinda like having the best of both worlds. Man this is really hard to explain.... Dressing like a butch is attractive to so many people actually, yeah some people don't like it. But that won't stop Butches from dressing the way they want.

Butches, from my personal feelings, dress like the way they feel. See I dress like a hardcore Biker dude. This is a tough look, being in leather and all. It is very sexy to some and scary to others. Dressing this way makes me look, act and feel tough. Maybe other Butches think dressing that way is tough, I don't honestly know but I know what I feel about it and thats all I'm saying.

There's a difference between Beauty and Charm. A Beautiful Woman is one I notice. A Charming Woman is one who notices Me.
-John Erskine

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