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Where'd your screen name come from?

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Mine has more than one origin actually.

The 77 came from a joke that I heard years ago. The mom of one of my ex's came home from work one day and she said, "I like 77 better than 69 - do you know why?" We of course said no so she replied, "Because you get 8 more. Get it?" She walked away nonchalantly, leaving me stunned.

One of my nicknames is Kat and my friend Carlos has always called me Gata, or La Gata. Makes sense to me, because I am The Kat. :P


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Mine comes from the fact that I have been a musician my whole life...I compose, analyze, perform, support, and listen to music. Sounds that are new to my ear or music that is produced with some sort of meaning or feeling delights me more than anything else.

My gateway into the world of music was elementary band, where I learned to play euphonium. I became a euphonium junkie, which I have since shortened into my username, euphjunkie. :)


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I like to give lovely kisses, and lots of them.
So, that is where my screen name originated. :wink:

Mock Rock Star

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One day I was doing this Z-list movie shoot and while I was at my director friend's house he had a guitar so since I've always wanted to play the guitar like Prince and I've always wanted to be a star I just said "Mock Rock Star" when I saw the pictures. No one really calls me that though and if they do they say "Mock" which is cool with me so U can call me Mock as well...it's my internet persona :P


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Mine is pretty much my default name I put on all my profiles other than Facebook. If I was a dinosaur I'd be a Sarahdactyl. If I was a super hero, my name would be Sparrah, and I'd have wings like a sparrow. Birds fascinate me if you couldn't tell, I wish I had wings.


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Mine is from one of my favorite anime characters, oh yes, I'm a dork. <3 Spice and Wolf is awesome.


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Farandolae is a type of being in A Swiftly Tilting Planet which is one of my favorite books.


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my story's pretty lame, it is literally my first name with XD (cartman smiley) whacked on the end tho recently learned XD also stands for crossdresser haha


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When I first got my computer,around 5 months ago,the first thing I wanted(after learning how to turn it on)to check out were chat rooms.I found one that catered to lesbians and chose Mrs.Danvers for my site name.I just happened to have glanced at the bookcase and spotted Rebecca and I loved the character Mrs.Danvers.She was so delightfully wicked!
Anyway I was on for about 45 seconds when someone invited me to a private chat room.She asked me what my name was and I told her that most people just call me asshole for some reason.She said "Is thatbecause you mhave a nice tight ass?" I said "Yes,but she's at work"SShe said"what does she do?"I replied "She blows meth pipes for a living"Well, I waited and waited but got no response until a message came on telling me I had been banned!
I was stunned!God,I didn't realize that there was a moral majority group for lesbians.so what I did was to join again under a different moniker and the first thing I posted was futuantur,si io cumde se ipsis non tolerent,by the time they figured out what that meant it was to late,hence my name Rebeccasrevenge


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Mine is pretty simple as well as boring. I'm a geek, who loves books. So, GeekyBookworm seemed to fit. Any questions? :p

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