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Where'd your screen name come from?

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mine's from a song (saint veronika by billy talent) that affected me in a strange way for some time.
ἔλθε μοι καὶ νῦν, χαλεπᾶν δὲ λῦσον
ἐκ μερίμναν ὄσσα δέ μοι τέλεσσαι
θῦμοσ ἰμμέρρει τέλεσον, σὐ δ᾽ αὔτα
σύμμαχοσ ἔσσο.


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Well everyone's always called me Julz, so I asked someone once why they called me that. We thought that was your name they told me. Come to find out everyone thinks my 'I' and ' e ' is a z. What can I say doctor in training lol


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well its short for my first and last name and the numbers are dates


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Hola. My screen name is from way back, when I first started online dating. "Wicked" is a New England term for something superawesomeamazeballsgood :) so I'm one of those...dykes. It's not a great backstory, but I thought it was cute. I've gone by "QueerScorpio" and, if you're in the boston area, you may know the "Dyke Date Doctor".


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My screen name is my first and middle name. I tried to put just my first name but it wasn't available. :( lol

Suzy Q

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My screne name came from my name Susan, but i think Suzy Q sounds more fun. :guitar:


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One of my friends thinks I look like Tina Fey. And I go by Ally. Hence, Ally Fey.


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I love the legend of the lost continent of Atlantis. ♥


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"Susie" is a nickname my family came up with and has called me since I can remember. My real name is a combination of my mom's and grandmother's names (we're Italian), so it was just easier to "shorten" my name. Less confussion, I guess! LOL ;)

The "Girly Girl" part is because I like to dress up, wear make-up, paint my nails...and I love the color pink! Yes, I do wear jeans and t-shirts. Yes, I put my hair up into a ponytail and wear baseball caps. However, when I participate in a race/marathon I make sure my clothes match my make-up! *giggle*

What can I say??? I love being a girl :)

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