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Ironic Reclamation

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Fat Ephiny

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This is something that is mentioned in the faq inre the lesbotronic logo up there in the corner, and it sorta came up in another post.

I am interested to read what others think about this issue - either the logo specifically or more generally: using terms like queer or dyke, etc. to describe ourselves. I've heard different opinions about this over time. Some are very 'pro-reclamation,' others get really upset. For example, I went into a lesbian chat room once and used the word "lesbo" and got totally shut out, immediately. No one asked if I was a lesbo or even would have had time to check my profile or anything. I was bummed.

People prefer different terms, "lesbian" "gay" and all those alt spellings of "woman".

Does anyone feel strongly about any of these issues and if so, why?


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Hi Ephiny :) Nicole here.
I've heard the terms "dyke, lesbo, lemon, carpet muncher, licker, lesbian, muff muncher..." do I HAVE to go on? :lol:
I'm from Australia so the terms may be different. I'm not offended by any of these terms due to the reason that I don't relate to labels very well. I'm labelled "bi" so I have often been described as a "double adapter, not fussed, swinger, pendelum, confused, unable to make up my mind..." I really don't want to go on :roll: To me, it's how you feel about yourself, so the best way I can describe it is "Lesbian". It's safe, it's politically correct and non-offensive. I have made up my mind, it's not about gender to me, it's about the love I feel or the attraction to the other. To some that is called "lucky" hahaha! I am monogamous in a relationship, that's all I know how to be when I'm with someone I love. That's my idea of Queer Politics. I am, therefore, I am. What else matters?


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to me, frankly, it fully depends on who's saying what, and in what context. If its a straight guy calling lesbians "carpet munchers" yeah....its offensive, and frankly, i find that particular term offensive period. I realise that sometimes people take on an offensive term to remove the stigma of the word or phrase, but to me, that can be (tho isnt always) just a conformation to the ignorant of the word as being acceptable.....

Some things just defy explaination to me. Often, you'll hear someone that's African American (or whatever term is politically correct these days) call each other the "N" word, but dont you DARE let someone else say it. I assume that its acceptable in that instance because of what i said above.....taking power over the word sort of. But offensive is offensive to me......you NEVER hear a Jewish person call another a Kike...... (and here i sort of accidently proved my own point, i feel free to use that word in an explaination, because I'm jewish.....but I dont feel free to use the "N" word, tho they are equally as bad to each of our races....)

Some things are just redundant to me. People that seriously spell woman or women "wymmin" or something similar is just ridiculous to my way of thinking. So its okay to just create our own spellings for things because we dont want to be identified with men?? Its nuts, makes no sense in the larger scheme of things, and in my view, just makes us stand out in a negative way to the communities that we live in. Whenever I hear it, or see it, I want to say "Get a grip......you may not like men....but you came from one, so deal with it." I dont begrudge anyone using or believing in those terms or spellings, but I dont like to be talked down to or insulted by those that do, and that's happened. I realise its partly a difference between those that identify as feminists and those that are just women, but many 'feminists' will put down their "sisters" that dont agree with them, and that's wrong too.

Interestingly enough, i dont know ANY older lesbians that use those terms or spellings. I'm of course not saying that they dont, I'm just saying I've never come across it in MY world view. I know some that did, and stopped. I just asked one friend who's in her late 40's why she stopped, and she said "I grew out of it"..... Food for thought.....?
Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

- Truman Capote


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Hey Tinker, how are ya?
I agree those terms can be offensive. And I think the world is in the state it is in due to the fact that we are so offensive and take such offense. When I was younger "politically correct" wasn't a term used. Somewhere along the line, we became quite "nasty". Or maybe we began to stand up for ourselves? But today, everyone has to be soooo careful. It's like you are constantly walking on eggshells, on thin ice...one wrong step and you fall, or crack. I think what we have to do is start realising that none of us are separate from one another. We separate, religion, sex, gender, race, bloody everything! We fooled ourselves into believing that one group is "better" than the other. Take away all the bullshit, the clothes, the labels, the values, the judgments, the need to be "right" and we are all the same. Living under the same roof. People "name" call, they "label" because they fear what they do not understand, instead of embracing others, other cultures. Religion, Sexism, Racism, any ism...one day, one fine day...the human race will see that we are all same being. So, all these labels are foolish and stupid and somehow people believe it helps them sleep better at night, knowing their world is how it should be. Reality is something we created and then distorted. And now, this is where we live. I think it's time we wake up.

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