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Coming out stories

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So? When/how did you come out? Did anything influance you or make you say...........hmmmmmmmmm......?

As a teen in the mid 70's, I stumbled across the author Ann Bannon and the character of Beebo Brinker, then shortly after, HEY DOLLFACE by Deborah Hautzig came out, then Annie On My Mind by Nancy Garden, and I was thrilled!! This was back in a time where there was little or NO mention of lesbians (except in a negative manner), and I hadnt a CLUE how to go about finding others like myself. Those books gave me hope that i was indeed, "normal", and not sick. I found a little store downtown that was a womans bookstore and discovered Rubyfruit Jungle, as well as other women like myself, and my first real lover as well!
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I didn't read any lesbian lit. but I did identify with Kristy McNickle in Little Darlings. I think that movie was the litmus test for my generation.
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My coming out was relatively stress free. I felt something was off when I dated guys but it never dawned on me, I might actually be a lesbian. I knew people who were, it just never really crossed my mind. Eventually, I guess, it began to cross my mind, and I met someone who changed everything. I fell hard and it all made sense. It was pretty easy for me to embrace my sexuality. That was 17 years ago, and I've never again considered a relationship with a man. It just has no appeal.


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I am just now coming out. First to myself... I first started questioning during grad school last year, but was so conflicted and felt I was too busy to deal with the issue at that time. I had interned at an LGBT organization and I started thinking... Something is going on with me! I graduated with my MSW in May, then attended a CEU workshop where another woman at another internship that dealt with the LGBT population gave voice to my experience. We both said: "OMGosh, how could I not have realized this before?! " The thing is, I am no spring chicken! I am in my 50's and hoping I will be able to meet a nice woman, or at least date several and eventually find someone to be in a lasting relationship with. I am still in the process of telling all my kids, most of my friends know. I want to be out by the end of this month. So far so good with the reception. I suspect that my ex's family will have a field day with this, but I don't care. They are not of my concern and I can't control what they say or think anyways. Any advise or wisdom is appreciated here ladies... please!

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