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Beheadings and other atrocities

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So is anyone else at all disturbed by the latest spin since the beheading of the man Nick Berg?

I'm torn by this story as to how i feel about it. Its my understanding that he'd been captured, but released intially to US military officals, who then released him and ordered him to leave the country. He refused. So the man was stupid to begin with. Did he deserve to die this way, no, of course not, but he COULD have avoided it. To me, this is one more death to put squarely on the shoulders of Bush......

Now the latest spin i'm hearing on the radio this morning is that "At least our soldiers (the ones that were humiliating and torturing the iraqi prisoners) werent cowards and had their faces uncovered in those pictures".........


so now we're justifying OUR torture and humiliation of prisoners of war (which apparantly they ARE) against the Geneva Conventions, by saying they werent COWARDS??

And the woman Lindsay England is saying that she was ORDERED to smile and laugh in the pictures?? Yeah, right. **Insert rolley sarcastic eyes here**

I know this isnt "QUEER" politics, but its politics, and i wanted to know what others are thinking.....
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As far as the beheadings are concerned, they could ALL have been prevented. The fault, however, does not lie with Bush or any other President.

Have you NEVER asked yourself why we have not won a war, or even a majory military engagement, since World War II? Korea we fought to a stalemate, even though MacArthur could have won it for us. In Vietnam, we lost miserably. The first Gulf War we stalemated. Afganistan and Iraq are headed for stalemate or loss, if things do not change.

And who caused those sorry states of affairs? Not the Presidents! Our elected Senators and Representatives caused it all! It is common practice for those Senators and Representatives who are opposed to a war or conflict to withold vital equipment and personnel, resulting in more American deaths than all of our enemies combined!

THEY should be charged, individually and separately, with the mass murder of our American troops! After the first month, they knew their NO votes would cause numerous American troop deaths. Therefore, the deaths were PRE-MEDITATED, and the charge should be Murder One for each of them. Their continued NO votes are their testimony of record.

It is that kind of in-house fighting that is killing our people overseas!

As to the "I was just following orders" excuse. It didn't work at Nuremburg, and it won't work now! A soldier's Oath only obligates her to follow LAWFUL orders.

Hope this is more like the kind of response you were looking for.

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